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Various Harm on Bikes From Negligence | Back to: Common Bicycle Injuries | Bicycle Brain Injuries

Various Harm on Bikes From Negligence

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Bicycle-related injuries are a common and accepted fact of living in the Golden State. As a matter of fact, cycling remains an excellent and famous method of exercise. For me, it is simply a fun hobby that keeps me in shape.

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Unlike many other forms of recreation, cycling cuts across gender and age divide. But unfortunately, the same goes for the associated bodily harm and accelerated rates of mortality and morbidity.

Hormones and Personal Injury?

In fact, the vast majority of non-bicycle injuries are restricted to the male gender. With pedal pushing the bikes both sexes are equally hurt. Many scientists agree that testosterone is a fundamental component in aggressive behavior and risk taking. Contrast this with estrogen. Higher levels of this hormone are more likely to keep people risk averse.

However, in riding, distracted motor vehicle drivers and not rider behavior seems to be most at play. Here, devastating harm and death arise mostly from traditional passenger cars and riders colliding together in traffic.

The Many Ranges of Harm.

Minimal soft tissue types of harm are in the low range of injuries. Next, the high range includes musculoskeletal trauma and brain injuries. These types of vehicular claims are the primary causes of loss of life and lifetime disablement.

But athletic injuries from overuse can be exacerbated in a collision. In fact, that may result in spinal cord compression neuropathies, perineal and even genital damage leading to hospital claims. Medical care providers who render care and treatment must factor in ergonomics.

So they must consider adapting the numerous appurtenances of the machine. This includes using rear view helmet mirrors and adjusting the height of the seat height and handlebars.

Rider Safety First.

As will be discussed, riders must be enthusiastic about wearing their safety helmets. There are special to do that are elemental to survival. Always wear protective gear like gloves, and follow the law.

But other ways exist to avoid the devastating effects of being hit by a care while riding a bike and other spills. For example, what if individuals take the time to learn about some of the primary factors leading to wrecks on bikes?

Is prevention the Cure?

After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And this remains especially true, considering how vulnerable the human brain is when succumbing to head impacts. The inertia, and other ill effects of being flung into the air, and twirling head over shoulders can destroy a brain.

Landing after this sudden acceleration, often racks the brain, causing it to swish around, banging into the skull, back and forth. In any event, this is just one of the many horrible things that happen when someone was negligent. When riders get tossed into the air off of a cruiser life can end fast.

Attorney Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm, is the “Riders’ Friend.” When riders suffer on the roads, we come to the rescue of a team of Navy SEALS.

When tragedy strikes, our team of fantastic and personable lawyers will consult and console you. So we give you the internal assurance that you are in good hands. Also, you can remain confident we won’t let you down.

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Read on and discover the many ways a rider can go down in this densely populated, and Golden State as follows:

Cyclists Suffer from Injuries in Greater Numbers.

Previously, we discussed pedestrian accidents. Bicyclists are not free from risk either. Here, we discuss the many types of bicycle injuries in California and their crazy causes.

More often than not, many motor vehicle operators ignore the fact that riders have the same legal rights to be on the road as a car or truck do not understand, or believe, that cyclists have an equal right to be on the roadway.
Inattentive vehicle operators often ignore bikes, and only pay attention to other cars, or their conversations on their cell phone, completely oblivious to the cyclist. An injury to kids could be because a caretaker failed to make a child wear a helmet in violation of California helmet laws, increasing the damage to the child’s brain.

Vulnerability to Injury and Death.

Bikers are very vulnerable to injury and death when compared to vehicles with an enclosed roll cage like a bus, or a car, for example. Many vehicle motorists make illegal right turns directly in front of riders. And some even open their vehicle doors when they pull over to the curb without even looking in the rear view mirror to see if a bicyclist is in the lane next to them.
Sometimes a car will back out of a driveway, side street, alleyway or curb. Often they run a bicyclist over and kill the rider. In fact, this is known as wrongful death. This is because it is usually negligence and inattentiveness that causes these deaths. To prove the case you may require an accident reconstructionist, forensic experts, orthopaedic expert, and life care planner.
Visibility will usually be at issue as well. So the accident scene will have to be investigated and documented.

Bicycle Lawyers Can Help Victims Get Money.

Skilled bicycle personal injury attorneys with the knowledge, experience and skill to litigate bicycle spills and mishaps, are very important. For the cyclist, a crash is often a fearful and traumatic experience. An unprotected human body is not tough like a car or truck, and never an equal to a 9,000 pound (lbs.) plus car or truck.
This is doubly so with bike injuries to children. Riding statistics are very clear. In fact, bicyclists are at particular risk. The rough, hard asphalt will often tear a bike rider to shreds and cause deadly friction burns and compound fractures.
If seriously injured in a bicycle accident do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company. Lawyers can answer the most frequently asked questions about tort law and bikes. So call them first.
These types of injuries can range from minor to severe. Compensation for the harm caused you by another remains a possibility. But talking to the insurer can sabotage your chances of seeing a dime.

A Few Types of Bicycle Injuries and Steps to Take.

Scenic bicycle rides can result in an accident scene
Venice Beach.
The mechanics of being thrown from a bike, typically means the body is flung like a rag doll. This means that your head or face can often end up landing and smashing into a cement curb, or car bumper.
You can imagine things like broken necks and blood right away in a gory post accident scene. These cases often result in abrasions, cuts, scars, brain injury, broken bones, busted teeth, closed head trauma, coma and wrongful death.
Friction burn and amputation are also happen bicycle riders after a bad spill. In fact, many riders shave their legs to make it easier to scrape out gravel and rocks pending a fall.

But you can take steps to reduce the risks of all of this as follows:

  • Pay attention
  • Wear a Helmet
  • Wear Riding Gloves
  • Stay in the Bike Lane
  • Ride when traffic is lulled
  • Use rear view mirrors
  • Use furtive movement to signal lanes
  • Stay alert, observing all that takes place within sight or hearing

Cross-Walk Injuries.

Sometimes a cyclist is lawfully walking his bike in a cross walk, on a green “walk” sign. But then out of no where, the rider gets run over by a car or truck. In such cases, the injuries will usually require damages be paid by the car driver for hospital bills, lost wages, mental and physical pain and suffering.
Since the year 2004, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed that at least five thousand report-able deaths resulted from auto v. pedestrian/bicycle accidents. In fact, more than seventy eight thousand pedestrians and cyclists are seriously injured each year from a car or truck crash.
Obviously, pedestrians are more vulnerable to injury and death on a roadway than are the occupant(s) of a car or truck with safety features. Clearly, seatbelts, airbags and roll cage afford more protection. California cyclists are probably more vulnerable. Bikes move faster, and are often obscured to car drivers.
Southern California, with crowded cities like Laguna Beach, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach and Hermosa Beach, can be especially dangerous for anyone on the streets and sidewalks.

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