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Michael P. Ehline Bicycle Attorney

Welcome to the profile page of bicyclist and lawyer, Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. We wanted you to know that we ride the same streets and lanes as you, and we are painfully aware of the debacles you face every time you hop on your bike.

US DOT and Michael Ehline
Ehline attends US traffic safety hearings.

This puts us in a particular position to empathize with you. So you know we feel your pain. Additionally, our firm is peer review rated and A+ Rated with the BBB.  So you know you can count on our compassionate and aggressive lawyers. Accordingly, we offer a free call.

Last, we have locations local to most California courts for the convenience of injured cyclists. Call for a free consultation.

“My Experience as A Rider Has Shaped Me Mentally and Physically to be a Better Bicycle Lawyer.”

Michael P. Ehline, the bicycle lawyer, takes cycling sports like mountain biking, seriously. As a tort attorney, he specializes in protecting the rights of riders hurt by anothers' fault.

One of the reasons Attorney Ehline is passionate about protecting injured riders is because of his experience riding bicycles. This gives him a unique insight that other lawyers might not have. This experience has helped to shape this attorney’s professional career and focus on bicycle accident claims.

As a lawyer, Ehline has a complete understanding of the laws protecting bicycle riders, he also understands the rider’s side of the accident events, and as a driver of a motorized vehicle, he can also understand the driver’s point of view. Let us know about your case.  We can help you.

We Respect that Riders Have the Same Rights, Duties, and Obligations as Any Passenger Car Operator.

The vehicle laws throughout the country say bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as the operator of a motorized vehicle. When evaluating the bicycle accident case, unlike many other injury lawyers [click here], this firm typically travels the route of the crash on a bike and motor vehicle.

This allows Mr. Ehline to have a keen insight into how the mishap might have happened.  In fact, this allows him to use a course of action that protects bicycle rider’s rights.

Focused on Protecting Rider’s Rights.

Attorney Ehline sympathizes with the client both over the injuries and the loss of enjoyment of riding their bike. This is why he focuses on protecting the rights bicycle riders have. His focus is on the laws of the road. But many automobile drivers deny cyclists their rights.

Of course, in many cases, this results in a life-altering, shocking fact pattern of death and destruction to the riders. No doubt, this sadness spills over to their families and other loved ones. Call to learn more about protecting your family at (213) 596-9642. Call us now for a free talk with a professional legal mind.

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