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Big Trucks and Little Roads Don’t Mix

Why Do So Many Truck Accidents Happen on Small Roads?

California’s roads age quickly. Not only is California the largest population in the country, but its roads and bridges show it. From freeways to country roads, the state regularly ranks towards the bottom in maintenance and upkeep. Furthermore, state funding for Caltrans and local construction regularly wasted.

The issue becomes even worse because of the heavy traffic on the state’s roads. Many large trucks supply cities with food and goods. Many of these items come straight from the inland part of the state. In fact, many of the smaller roads cannot handle such a large load. They cannot take the strain of modern tractor trailers. This is apparent especially in higher traffic areas. Each new car and truck adds extra weight and demise to the roads.

Example and Knowledge

Take, for example the crash in Temecula reported in Patch. A dump truck driver died due to a crash on a two lane road when it collided with another truck.

Many DPWs did not design for such a load. Furthermore, designers undersigned them and are not well lit. They were built for a different purpose in a different age. Caltrans is often aware of these issues yet has not fixed them. For drivers each one of these is a unique challenge. Often Caltrans and other agencies know of these issues and do nothing.

Truck drivers need to know the lay of the road before their route. However, state and local officials also need to keep the roads safe for passage. There is a unique responsibility to riders and motorists.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a road defect or flaw, contact the Ehline Law Firm APLC immediately. Our skilled attorneys specialize in cases like these. We’ve fought and won across the state for traffic accident victims. We leave no stone left unturned. Our team is second to none. We fight for safer roads and lobby the state on behalf of drivers everywhere.

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