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The True Cost of Severe Brain Injury

Dementia disease and a loss of brain function and memories
Human brain research and memory loss as a symbol of Alzheimer’s concept with missing pieces of the puzzle

For many, their biggest fear is a severe head or spinal injury. Either can permanently affect their mobility. These ailments can also drastically change the personality and quality of life of the victims. For many victims, the changes are permanent and irreversible.

Even treatable conditions can take months or years. They can also lead to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills. This is in combination with lost work, severe changes to your family, and tremendous pain and suffering.

There are no winners in such injuries. The severity of brain injuries can take many forms and come with an enormous number of complications. A Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, caused by accident is a devastating diagnosis.

What does one do when faced with an injury in such a manner? It is first and foremost important to work with your family, doctor, and an attorney. Let them determine the exact amount of damage that you face. Common issues include the cost of immediate treatment. Another big one is lost work. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There could be other issues not even considered early in the process.

Are Brain Injury Costs a Complex Problem?

Being able to determine the true cost of the injury adequately is complex– a bit of combining actuarial math with medical science. The sheer cost of therapy can reach into the millions. Your attorney and doctor can work together to estimate your lifetime.

You must find out the costs of such rehabilitation, and we will do the job to have it paid in full. You can also fit in the value of your medications and psychological stress. Many people lose a significant quality of life.

This loss of quality includes their inability to spend time with their family. They may not even be able to consort with their significant other. They will be entitled to general and special damages in the form of money to pay for their losses.

  • The Many Factors That We Must Calculate in Resolving a TBI Claim

There is no pain or problem too small to examine. Each one can cascade with other factors to completely reshape an injury victim’s life. This injury can cause them to be unable to successfully lead the life that they did previously or wanted to.

They may face confinement to a wheelchair or cognitively impaired due to their injury. No matter what the injury, making sure that you are in the best condition to meet it is necessary. Ehline Law has handled many similar cases in the past and thus have seen the sheer effects of such injuries on many of our clients.

This is why we have stuck with them through thick and thin to rebuild their lives as much as possible. For more information, including a free, no-pressure consultation contact us now. Please call or email us today at any time of day or night.

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