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Flammable Clothing Burn Injury Lawyers

Believe it or not, certain types of clothing can cause or increase harm from intense heat or flame. The U.S. military knows this as well. So much so, that they have created FROG suits (Flame Resistant Organizational Gear) for those in combat and IED intense zones.

Before this, the private and industrial fields also recognized this danger of combustible fabrics. After all, this stuff can melt and embed into skin. So this makes treatment of injuries difficult if not impossible sometimes. So much so, a law got passed.

This was to force a standard in fabric design and manufacture. The goal was to help mitigate or prevent fire and burn related harm to individuals. This page is to help victims understand. They must know if they have a potential lawsuit. Now they can understand violations under the Flammable Clothing Act.

Blow torch lighting fires.
Flammable items. Construction products.
Table of Contents:

What is The Flammable Clothing Act?

The Flammable Fabrics Act protects consumers. It does so by ensuring clothing and other material goods are flame retardants. Hence, the clothing manufacturers have regulations they must comply with that protect the consumer.
Also, this includes the Flammable Fabrics Act regulations. Problem clothing and other material goods often get recalled. Usually, this is because they do not meet the standards of the FFA.
An example might be a ribbon designed for a Christmas tree with hot electrical lights. The FFA would require an absolute minimum standard for flame resistance.

Are there Certain Clothes More Likely to Catch Fire?

When clothing or material goods get caught on fire people can die. So they should be able to get it extinguished immediately. Also, clothes should ignite without bursting into flames.
So they get made according to universal standards manufacturers must follow. And if severe fire or heat injuries occur, it could be due to an errant manufacturer. So this is a defendant that did not hold up to the standards of the Flammable Fabric Act.
So this means negligent manufacturers can be responsible under the doctrine of negligence per se. Also, it means possible administrative and criminal penalties against all those in the chain of commerce. Because of this, they brought injury causing devices to market. Other parties can also get held liable.
Because when clothing or materials are not up to standards, they can be hazardous to the consumer. So potential defendants include the retailer, distributor or supplier. A careless, or reckless individual igniting a fire can be liable for negligent actions.
Clothing or other material items can ignite manufacturers fail to follow proper regulations. Because of this, consumers can get thermal burn injuries. Also, in some cases, they can be deadly for the victim.

How Do You Prove Failure to Comply With FFA?

Proving manufacturers did not comply with the Flammable Fabrics Act. Who are the Other parties potentially liable?
Potentially Liable Parties Are Found By: 
  • Proof that the consumer purchased the clothing or material from the liable party.
  • The defect in the clothing or equipment posed a flammable risk. Because of this, it was defective at the time it got purchased from the manufacturer, retailer, distributor or supplier.
  • The clothing or material item posed a high risk of being flammable. Hence, it was defective or extremely dangerous.
Clothing and materials that do not comply with the regulation standards can cause burn injuries. So this will result in the manufacturer, supplier, distributor and seller being liable. Also, if they had reckless knowledge of the hazard or dangers, they could be liable for punitive damages.
Ehline Law Firm feels that manufacturers and other negligent parties should get held responsible. Because when they do not follow the industry standards, consumers get burned. Flammable clothing is very dangerous.

Are Experienced FFA Lawyers only a Call or E-Mail Away?

Our experienced reps can protect your rights after suffering an injury, or the family lost a loved one. And if it was due to flammable clothing, fabric or materials we are experts. Ehline Law Firm will evaluate your case.
Then we will explain your legal options. So we will discuss your rights to hold the negligent party responsible. It is crucial to have a professional attorney.
You need someone that has the resources and litigation skills to hold the negligent manufacturer responsible. Only then can you recover the compensation the injured victim deserves. The experienced advocates at Ehline Law Firm can get reached at (213) 596-9642.

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