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Flammable Liquids Accident Burn Injury Lawyers

The flammable liquids injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm are more than qualified to help you when you are badly burned from flaming liquids. They are the lawyers you hire to seek out and retrieve proper compensation.

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What Amount of Money is Available to Pay My Claims?

Well you're probably thinking how could anyone know what your case is worth without knowing all the facts. And you'd be right. But even them, a jury, judge or adjuster can be fickle. But a lawyer can come in and build your case value if they are any good.

And guess what? ELFPI is that good!

Our lawyers will fight to get you money for your:

  • Lost wages,
  • Medical bills,
  • Pain, and suffering.

All of this is part of the damages created and arising out of the negligence of another.

So What Can You Expect After Being Doused With Flammable Liquids?

Often becoming scalded or burned from flaming liquids will result in a painful:

  • First degree burn
  • Second degree burn
  • Third-degree burn
Also, the fumes alone can lead to permanent respiratory damage and lung replacement surgery.

How Much Money Has ELFPI Recovered for Injury Victims?

We have won over 100 million dollars for people wounded from liquid chemical burns. Also, our lead attorney is the victim of a being burnt. Hence, we know that you will be out of commission. Also, you could need a lengthy hospital stay on your road to recovery. This treatment entails skin grafts.

What About Physical Therapy - Skin Grafts?

Also, recovery of wounds from skin grafts, entail extended convalescent spans. Of course, this is also excruciatingly painful therapy. Imagine yourself being cut up with a scalpel and having skin cut from one part of your body and grafted into another.

That is exactly a skin graft. And there are also other types of reasonable and necessary treatments. Your terrible injuries may cause unsightly and permanent scarring.

You may also have ongoing damage to your nerves.

So your:

  • Sense of touch and smell can fail.

Also, you can be in:

  • Chronic pain

Next, you could have Physical Dysfunctions such as:

  • Incontinence,
  • Inability to perspire and more.

Ehline Law has the experience, knowledge, and skill to identify the origin and cause of your mishap.

So we can assess the nature, severity, and extent of your injuries. Also, we have prepared this below primer to assist you. That way, you can further understand flammable liquid burns. If you need more extensive knowledge call now at (213) 596-9642.

So let us find a way to get you the money and care that you deserve. That way, we can help you move inexorably onwards and upwards with your life.

What are the Common Injury Producing Combustible Fluids?

Flammable and combustible liquids can ignite easily and result in serious or fatal burn injuries. These flammable liquids cause severe harm or fatalities.

What Are the Most Common Flammable Liquids That Can Hurt You?

Most of us don't realize how many common household and industrial items can maim them. 
In fact, they include:
  • Gasoline,
  • Household cleaners (Various ones),
  • Paint thinner,
  • Other solvents, etc.

What are the Biomechanics of a Liquid Burn Injury?

So just how do you get burned in a liquid fire? Well, first off, the liquid does not actually catch on fire; it is the vapors from the flammable liquids that get ignited. Vapors that reach a certain temperature begin to emit a significant amount of vapors.

So this quickly results in a hazardous situation where the vapors can get ignited easily. When flammable liquids become ignited, they produce toxic smoke. So this is a corollary effect that comes from the chemicals contained in the fluid. The take away is that there is always a danger for the victim of smoke inhalation.

There are two classes of liquids that can be ignited:

  • Flammable Liquids: This is liquid that is a chemical mixture. This combination produces vapors under the right conditions. They can get ignited, which is known as a flash point. One flammable liquid is gasoline. And it has a flash point that is below 100 degrees, where vapors ignite.
  • Combustible Liquids: Liquids that can combust under the right circumstances of air mixing with the vapors. But the temperature needs to be above 100 degrees. One of the liquids in this class is diesel fuel. And when at above 100 degrees it can be a danger of combusting and causing a fire. Vapors emitted from flammable liquids fill air space. So rather than stay with the source of the liquid it flows out. So when there is an ignition source, it can cause a fire explosion or combust.

The ignition source for these types of flammable liquids can include:

  • Matches.
  • Cigarette Lighters.
  • Electrical Switches.
  • Electrical Heaters.
  • Gas Appliance Pilot Lights.
Getting burnt and seared from flammable liquids can occur in the home and the workplace. There are some industries that the employees are at a high risk for burn injuries and toxic smoke inhalation. Usually, these are from flammable liquids.
When you or a loved one has suffered liquid chemical burn injuries, it is important to discuss your claim with a seasoned law firm. Preferably, consult with a lawyer schooled in medicine and law. The chemical fire injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm have the experience to evaluate your case.
Also, they can explain your legal options and your rights as an injured victim. Because they deal in negligence claims, they focus on cases such as this. But it is vital to discuss your case with an experienced representative, as soon as possible.
Because the law limits the amount of time you have to file a burn injury claim you must get help quickly.  Reach out to ELFPI at (213) 596-9642 and learn more.

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