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More California Rain Dangerous for Drivers and Residents

Slick, rainy streets.
Driving on dangerous rain-slicked roads

California has suffered incessant rains in past weeks. The state’s experiencing another slow-moving storm. Thursday and Friday the state got dumped on with rain again. The forecast amount for the weekend an expected 2 to 4 inches in Los Angeles. The foothills and mountains predicted to see 6 to 8 inches.

It might sound as if the rain forecast didn’t amount to a lot. Since in this case, every inch of rain matter’s it does.

The New Round of Rains.

Today rain came and fell in buckets in Northern California. The storm had wind gusts reaching 199 miles per hour. Monday new rainfall records did get set in the state. In San Jose, San Francisco and of course Sacramento hold new records.

Residents have seen enough rain in recent weeks that it seems like it won’t end. It will end, but the damage may reach exorbitant costs in this case for both motorists and property owners. The latest round of storms produced some flooding of course. In fact, it caused water to surge down the Don Pedro Dam.

Officials say it’s the second time in 20 years the spillway got used. In this case, it’s used to keep the reservoir from overflowing. Tuolumne River’s close to reaching its limits to in fact become dangerous. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson stated residents. He said residents seek higher ground.

Santa Cruz County’s in fact, seeing the near flood stages. Along the coast reaching the Feather River Basin and inland could see flash floods. In fact, in this case, could see evacuations enforced. According to meteorologists, the Central Valley could see 3 inches of rain. But, the mountains could see 10 inches from the storm.

This storm in this case, of course, adds to the Oroville Dam issues. Problems that resulted in 180,000 residents ordered to evacuate last week. The San Joaquin River has, of course, reached the danger stage officials said. Sacramento assistant sheriff stated that they did warn residents. They told residents to get ready to evacuate. He stated that it’s the first time in 20 years.

Are These the Worst California Rains?

It’s reported the relentless rain happens in California about every 200 years. One of the recorded events occurred in 1861-1862. These storms occurred for 43 days. The great flood occurred over 150 years ago. Across the state, weather-related problems have become too familiar. Mudslides, closing roads, flash floods and other issues it’s dangerous.

The Carmel River and the Salinas River reaching flood stages. Other places, of course, have the same rain-related dangers. It’s dangerous for residents and drivers. Rain soaked highways, heavy winds, and debris can cause major accidents. Crashes, in this case, can cause severe injury of course. Drivers need to use extra caution on rain-soaked roads.

Driving in inclement weather tips.

The large populated areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties crashes increase. San Francisco, San Diego, of course, has the same problem. Rain, in this case, makes for hazardous driving conditions in California. Traffic accident reports increase in inclement weather of course.

But in this case, the rain is a lot more than the ground can handle. Falling trees, sliding rocks, and dirt can cause driving hazards. Each roadway in the state, of course, has its unique problems because of the amount of inclement weather.

So drivers need to stay alert to avoid dangerous spots on the road. In this case, they need to watch for debris, other vehicles, and warning road signs. All across California, the days of rain caused havoc. Since the ground’s over saturated, trees falling and some roads damaged.



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