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Police Cruisers Chasing Perps Means Death to Bystanders?

High speed police chase
Police Cruiser

Annually in the United States tens of thousands of people are chased by police after they have violated the law. And in some cases, it may be a minor infraction or misdemeanor offense.

The problem with high-speed police chases is that innocent people get put at risk. And the danger in many cases is fatal. Many car accident lawyers end up suing the police, which is not an easy effort.

FBI Statistics – One Killed Per Day In Police Chases?

According to an FBI statistical report, high-speed police chases kill one person a day nationwide, and innocent bystanders represent 42% of the fatalities. In other words, almost half of those people killed were likely minding their own business. Hence, they were in no way connected to the automobile chase.

According to other federal records, police are not immune to being fatally injured in high-speed chases. Also, this type of pursuit ends up in car crashes with at least 139 police officers killed so far.

police are not immune to being fatally injured in high speed chases…

Authorities maintain that high-speed pursuits are necessary when uncooperative drivers or suspects flee the cops. The belief is that by not pursuing them it would send criminals a message that if they take off, they won’t be chased. So this gives them no reason to fear the police when they are operating a vehicle.

In effect, many police feel that while casualties are unfortunate, especially when it is an innocent bystander or police officer. Also, it is an unavoidable consequence of the job. Their attitude is society should do a better job instilling patriotism, love of country and respect for the Constitution into the citizenry. That way, we would likely return to the low crime rates of the ’50s.

There are opponents of this belief in law enforcement that admit high-speed chases are dangerous. And they promote avoiding chases and using alternative means to enforce the law. This is the opposite end of the spectrum that gives criminals a pass to save lives in the here and now. Unfortunately, this leaves perps free to continue harming another person somewhere else.  And also, it breeds a certain disrespect and contempt for the law by both the protected and the criminals.

  • The DOJ Thinks that High-Speed Chases are The Most Dangerous of All Police Activities

The Justice Department has labeled high speed chases “the most dangerous of all ordinary police activities.” (Source.) They have advised to reduce these pursuits that all police departments set strict guidelines. These are to determine when law enforcement officers should or should not chase a driver fleeing.

Even with the Justice Departments warnings about police chases, it is still up to the police departments. And most leave it to the officer’s discretion whether they should pursue a fleeing driver or not. There is proof with police records that the officers do not always make the right choice.

In California, a review of the high-speed chase police department records show that approximately 89% or more of these pursuits were for minor violations. So vehicle code issues such as expired registration, speeding, and reckless driving. In defense of law enforcement agencies and officers, it is not solely their fault these pursuits occur.

But it is the driver who has violated the law that in fleeing initiates the chase. It is police officers job to enforce the law. So they do what they have been trained to do. Their job is to stop crime and criminal violations of the law. In this respect, it is understandable why police officers often choose to pursue a driver who has violated the law.

Short of Deporting Illegal Criminals and Slowing Immigration, What Else Can Be Done to Reduce Pursuits?

With sanctuary cities on the rise, and the current administration hell-bent on massively importing people from middle eastern countries who in large part want to kill us for “disrespecting” their religion, we have a severe problem on our hands. Now we have violent criminals using our system against us. Our government has created this problem for political purposes.

Typically Democrats try to get campaign donations or votes from so-called “minority communities.” Whatever the reasons, it is you and I, the peaceable citizens who are faced with the outcomes. In this case, the consequences are death from high-speed chases. Short of deporting these bad elements which are not supposed to be here anyway. So what then is the answer?

  • What Can Technology Offer to Prevent Deaths and Injuries From High-Speed Police Pursuits?

Police officers and high-speed chases are one place technology has left behind for longer than a decade. And it has been closer to a decade since the last advances in this area of law enforcement. But there are some devices like a GPS tracker tag, which the police could shoot as an adhesive GPS tracker.

Attaching this tracker to a fleeing vehicle would make a pursuit meaningless since the car could be tracked. This has been commercially available since 2010. And out of about 18,000 police departments, only approximately 20 use the tracker. Other law enforcement officials have declined its use since the police officers would need to be within 30 feet of the fleeing vehicle to be able to deploy the GPS adhesive tracker. The other factor in the decision is the cost, which is five thousand dollars.

One in the developing stages for over a decade is designed to shut off vehicle engines using microwave transmissions. But this isn’t available commercially. But it is still in development and research by Fiore Industries. Their reason is they claim not enough funding.

This questions why there have not been technology advances in the area of high-speed chases that could prevent loss of life.  And police officers would be able to track the fleeing driver or suspect without speed being involved.

Without technological advances that are affordable to law enforcement agencies even with Justice Department warnings, there is little chance of ending high-speed chases or loss of life.

Recently loss of life during police pursuits has not diminished, and in just this year some of the ones that resulted in innocent bystanders being killed include; a 60-year-old federal worker died March 19 in the vicinity of Washington D.C., a 63-year-old grandmother in Indianapolis, a 25-year-old man July 18th, in New Jersey.

Recently in San Bernardino, California, the high-speed chase and shootout there ended with the deaths of two Islamic Jihadists.  One of whom came here legally on a Visa to marry a citizen of Middle Eastern descent born to parents who support groups like CAIR, linked to terror and Islamic extremism. His immigrant parents ostensibly radicalized the male, and in a local CAIR backed Mosque.

So again, many of these car chases could be ended before they even start. By simply enforcing existing immigration laws instead of pandering to special interest groups, we could cut down on crime. (Learn more about terror funding.).

Preventing and mitigating crime prevents chases. Short of this, law enforcement has tough choices to make. Also, they almost always have political ramifications that reverberate to elections. Until politicians start placing the interests of law-abiding Americans and stop kicking the can down the road in exchange for campaign funding, it is likely that the high-speed chase will become an even more familiar aspect of the American landscape.

Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline sufferred a horrific rollover accident when he was young. Dealing with his injury lawyers, and the medical industrial complex made Mike want to study law. So after his tour in the U.S. Marines, and running several small businesses, Ehline went for it. Check out some of his Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Verdicts and Settlements. Now Ehline is a highly successful, ambitious car crash lawyer. He operates, which is an accident and injury law practice based in Los Angeles, CA.

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