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Pregnancy and Car Accidents

Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing near car near the road with green grass, summer time
Happy smiling pregnant driver woman is standing near car near the road with green grass, summer time

Car accidents can be dangerous for anyone, and they are significantly more dangerous for pregnant women and the unborn child. For this reason, when a woman who is pregnant is involved in a car collision, they should immediately seek a medical examination for their health and the health of the unborn fetus.

One of the things that any woman who is pregnant should carry is a list of any particular medications. So anything she is taking, and a list of important phone numbers is an excellent idea. I would include the primary care physician, hospital, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, midwife and other emergency contacts in the event there is an emergency.

After being involved in an automobile crash, it is not uncommon to have bumps, external bleeding, and bruises. Also, you may back pain and even concussions due to the jolt of the impact. When a pregnant woman is involved in a traffic collision, the result can place a risk on the unborn child. So the unborn can be jolted about inside the amniotic fluid.

Injuries to the fetus may go undetected if the mother believes she was not harmed during the impact. So if she experiences no symptoms from the unborn infant, she may think she is ok. Any injuries to the unborn child may not be immediately apparent. And the mother should seek immediate medical treatment. Also, some harm may take days or weeks to begin to become evident in some cases.

Bu the fetus is afforded some protection in the womb. This fact remains true even in the event of a traumatic impact such as a car collision. One of the compelling reasons for the mother to seek an immediate medical examination is to ensure the placenta has not separated from the womb due to the distressing event. Separation of the placenta is medically referred to as placental abruption. And this can be a health threat to an unborn infant. Plus, the auto crash can cause the expectant mother to hemorrhage, have a miscarriage or go into premature labor.

One unfortunate fact for women in this situation is that X-rays are almost always out of the question. While X-rays are not likely to harm an unborn infant, especially during the later stages of pregnancy, most healthcare providers will not take the risk. And they will usually refuse to prescribe one altogether.

Naturally, this can create a high degree of uncertainty for an expectant mother as far as her injuries are concerned. However, the medical examination for an expectant mother after a motor vehicle crash will usually include an ultrasound. And it will also cover treatment of other injuries that are detectable without radiation.

Why Must Mothers In Accidents Take Caution?

The mother will be warned to monitor any changes she experiences within the following days. The pregnant woman will be instructed to immediately contact her physician if she experiences abdominal pain, a decrease in movement by the fetus, vaginal bleeding, the leaking of amniotic fluid or contractions. The expectant mother should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. That way she can ensure her, and the unborn infant’s rights are protected.

The legal professional will be able to preserve evidence when negligence played a role in the car crash. The legal advocate can assist the expectant mother of a car collision in the legal aspects of an injury claim, even if the injuries are still uncertain.

The pregnant woman, if not seriously harmed in a motor vehicle accident should make every effort to obtain the name, contact information and insurance information of the parties involved in the mishap. She should also collect the name and contact information of witnesses. She must ask anyone stopping to help after the crash.

This information will be relevant when filing a claim. Also, she needs to use a smartphone and take pictures.  So take snaps of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and physical harm. All of this can be beneficial later on. The attorney representing the expectant mother may review any photographic or video evidence from traffic and nearby business cameras. Such proof can strengthen the proof of the case when negotiating a settlement or litigate claims in court.

Why Must Mothers Be Cautious While Driving?

Driving cautiously is important for all drivers.  Especially this is the case when pregnant women help in avoiding collisions. The other thing the expectant mother can do is to sit as far from the airbags as is comfortable as a driver or passenger. Car accidents can happen in a split second. And these can result in serious physical harm. So being pregnant means, it can be harmful not only to the mother but the unborn baby as well.


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