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Shoulder Injuries and Car Accidents 101

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis
Doctor with a patient checking a shoulder injury

Car accidents can injure nearly every part of the human body. Often the forces involved are similar to those felt by a pilot ejecting out of a fighter plane after being shot down. In fact, severe injury and even death can follow many auto accidents.

Safety concerns should near the top of everyone’s list when driving or riding in a car as a passenger, or as a fare. The injuries can vary in type and severity. But the human body seems especially vulnerable to joint damage as a result of sudden traumatic force.

How to Mitigate Problems Immediately? Quickly See a Doctor for Diagnosis and Prognosis

In the aftermath of a car accident, a thorough medical examination is key. In any event, many issues can develop in the days, weeks, and months following a severe crash. And all of these are unbeknownst to the victim.

A skilled physician will be able to identify the short and long-term consequences of these injuries. And this is especially the case when dealing with joint and muscle damage. Vital joints, such as the shoulder can severely inhibit a person’s ability to work or lead their life. Furthermore, these types of injuries could be longstanding, especially if not treated properly.

Also, it is also of importance to recognize the possible types and effects of shoulder injuries as follows:

  • Fractures are among the most common, often including the collarbone, or clavicle, the upper arm bone, or proximal humerus, or the shoulder blade, or scapula. These fractures are often felt immediately after the crash. And symptoms usually include pain, bruising, swelling, and limited movement. These often become identified with X-rays during a full examination by a doctor.
  • Clavicle fractures often include swelling around the middle of the collarbone, perhaps taking the shape of a bump. Many times this type of injury can be treated without surgery. But extreme cases could include full surgery with plates or rods inside the bone itself.
  • Humerus fractures are identifiable due to a severely swollen shoulder, including extremely limited mobility. These types of fractures are commonly very painful and require varying treatment options. If the broken bone fragments have not moved out of proper alignment, surgery may be avoidable. However, if the fragments have moved, surgery including plates, screws, or pins is commonly required. For more severe cases or older patients, shoulder replacement may be required.
  • Shoulder separations can severely impact the victim’s life. And these are commonly felt as an irritation sticking up out of the shoulder. Sometimes a noticeable bump develops on the top of the shoulder. Depending on the severity and direction of the separation, surgery may or may not be necessary. But in more severe cases, surgery to repair ligaments is needed. Most of all, this is common among those that use the shoulder as part of work.
  • Shoulder dislocations also feature a bump. But this time it develops on the front of the shoulder. So the arm is unable to move, and the arm is commonly rotated outward. Many people lose sensation in part or all of their arm. This type of injury requires the arm to be placed back in the socket, including medical intervention. But sometimes this is done manually by putting the arm back where it should be. And then it gets placed in a sling. Of course, at times this requires surgical options.

So if you or a family member have faced a severe injury such as this, it is vital to reach out to both a medical and legal expert as soon as possible. Personal injury expert Michael Ehline has helped hundreds of accident victims. He is a car accident attorney, in Los Angeles and a legal professional. So he takes pride in ensuring accident victims they can return to full function and enjoyment of life.

As a disabled former Marine, Ehline understands the pain of severe injury. Also, he comprehends the need to repair lives after accidents. Ehline Law works on contingency, not asking for any money unless Michael wins for you. He and his team will answer the phone 24/7 and will visit you anywhere in the state. Call or email us today for more information.

Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline sufferred a horrific rollover accident when he was young. Dealing with his injury lawyers, and the medical industrial complex made Mike want to study law. So after his tour in the U.S. Marines, and running several small businesses, Ehline went for it. Check out some of his Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Verdicts and Settlements. Now Ehline is a highly successful, ambitious car crash lawyer. He operates, which is an accident and injury law practice based in Los Angeles, CA.

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