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Church and Clergy Abuse Lawyers

Did you or your little bundle of joy suffer a sexual molestation at the hands of a minister, priest, pastor, or clergy? If so, all you will see is the color red.

Important: You cannot take the law into your hands. If so, you can be the one going to jail.

  • So after reporting it to law enforcement, there are other steps you must take civilly.

That way you don’t waive certain rights to recover for pain, suffering, and nightmares. Also, you insulate yourself from harming the child's rapist and stay out of jail.

Do We Have Proven Results Against Abuse From Priests, Pastors and Clergymen?

The answer is that we have gone after many people like this who were in a position of authority. Ehline Law Firm holds the clergy legally liable for sexual abuse against minors. Our serious injury law firm has a valued reputation for assisting parents, kids and survivors of sex attacks.

What About Stopping More Rapes?

We also can intervene to halt ongoing rapes. So no matter what, we'll pursue a just outcome. Also, we are one of California’s leading injury law firms. Part of our legal services means representing child rape victims.

Ehline has recognition from the Circle of Legal Trust as one of the most tenacious lawyers. In fact, he is a battle-worthy and prolific trial and pre-trial litigator.

  • Michael Ehline has assisted many child victims of molestation and rape. Also, he has advised in cases on behalf of kids and against churches.
  • The firm also holds their employees/staff accountable in court.

Why Not Let Our Experienced Attorneys Represent Your Family?

Michael Ehline and his legal team are intelligent, unbending and ruthless. So when it comes to representing the interests of the innocent, we take no prisoners.

  • What makes our firm different is our warrior ethos. Our firm is headed by an aggressive, former U.S. Marine. He leads his legal warriors into battle with a deep sense of responsibility. This is to give back to this country.

Ehline is thankful for the opportunities it has provided him. Our staff's laser focus is on you and getting you the best results. Furthermore, our tireless representation and proven track record steal justice from an unjust civilization.

Since 2005, our law firm has become a bastion of safety, guidance, and protection. Our goal is helping those survivors striving towards wellness and indemnification.

If you got abused by church or clergy, call us now. Call us now at (213) 596-9642.  

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