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Fighting To Force the Coast Guard to Serve Cruise Passengers

Removing Loopholes to Protect Cruise Ship Passengers

Protecting cruise liner passengers should be the top priority of all cruise lines. Unfortunately, recent cases show this is not always the case. By advocating for passengers, we are one step closer to a more just system.

Michael Ehline at congress.
Michael Ehline lobbies Congress for safe transportation.

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act was an essential part of that puzzle. Still, there are substantial concerns about its implementation. All of these are good questions for the public. How the government uses the law is another questions.

The Act intended to solve many problems. We still have far more work ahead of us. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, tirelessly pursues better regulation. He lobbied in Washington for consumer-friendly revisions to existing laws and statutes. Each one of these raises their issues. We here at Ehline Law have a chance to make a difference. Our team is at the ready for the consumer.

Removing Cruise Ship Company Loopholes

Some of the major concerns include the fact that medical staff must follow protocols after all medical cases, and not just sexual assault. A “man overboard” warning system needs to go on all cruise ships. Regulations allow a “foreign vessel loophole” for other nations’ vessels to skirt our laws. Acoustic sounding devices are a deterrent against terrorism that should be on all new ships.

Thus, the Coast Guard has a responsibility in certifying Victim’s Advocates for cruise lines. This certification ensures that victims get informed of their rights. Their testimony should also be confidential and allow them to contact law enforcement rather than leaving it in the hands of the cruise line. These are all parts of the picture.

  • The vast majority of Americans blame the cruise industry itself for many of these issues.

We understand this issue personally. However, the above concerns are ongoing. It remains unfair that foreign companies worth billions use a loophole to flag a ship to skirt regulations.

All of these are unfair to American companies. Thus, it also works against the concerns of anyone on these vessels. It is critical paying attention to how these laws are brought about. Furthermore, we get the worries of these people.

Furthermore, it raises concerns about the Coast Guard’s enforcement of foreign licensed cruise line companies which do not pay taxes in the United States. Also, we understand that these regulations require changes, especially with a new President at the helm. We’ll be one of the cruise ship advocates for smarter, stronger protections.

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