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Cold Motorcycle Tires and Catastrophic Spills are Related

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Welcome to the Ehline Law motorcycle lawyer cold tires injury page. Here, we discuss how and why cold tires can cost lives. And we also cover what riders and passenger should know to stay injury and lawsuit free.

At the outset, winter riding schools for motorcyclists like the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, California or the Millersports Park, Tooele, Utah are places where riders have controlled cold tire crashes. But these remain the few places riders learn how to handle motorcycles in cold weather conditions.

But the average, or newbie rider probably doesn't understand the necessity of precautionary measures. After all, only these can help avoid these types of incidents. In fact, a cyclist is presumed to know that a cold tire can mean a spill on a bike. Also, his passenger and bystanders have a right to assume he allow the tires warm up. Failure to do so means a spill if taking tight corners, or quickly braking.

Ehline Law Firm has vast experience in creatively litigating cases for and against riders. But we do sue motorists who failed to appreciate their cold tires could mean a slide and crash. On more than one occasion, riders have crashed motorcycles into fixed objects, pedestrians.

And riders have even thrown their girlfriend from the bike in crashes. After a spill or impact, bodies go flying. Sadly, the occupant on the back of the bike can go head first into the hard pavement.

Safety First.

The mantra of safety first resonates with us, and we have recovered millions upon millions of dollars for seriously injured victims in California courts. Read on and learn about this unique type of negligence claim and who you can call at Ehline Law Firm when you are in a pickle and need to sue.

Tire Temperature Can Mean the Difference Between Life or Death.

The temperature of tires can make a huge difference. And if riding in cold weather, probably two percent of motorcyclists tipping incidents are from using too much brake. In other words, too much brake or throttle causes a cold rear tire to break loose. Commonly riders know that overloaded tires slide. So they ride cautiously until the tires have warmed to operating temperature.

Cold tire crashes fixing or easy to understand. Of particular interest, it remains common for riders to say: "I was just riding, cruising down the road when it happened."

Riding Slow Till Tires Get Traction.

When first taking off on a bike that has been sitting, it is crucial to ride slow and let the tires warm up. When training, it can take a full lap, before the tires are warm enough to go at speeds of 60 or 70 percent of the usual speed. One of the common things that green riders do is pick up on the throttle before turning into a corner if they think they are traveling too slowly.

What they need to consider is where the weight goes. The weight becomes transferred to the rear tire, rather than the front tire. So this means that the amount of contact the front tire has gets reduced. When the tire is still cold, it is easy for the bike to go down with less road contact.

This is of particular concern to a rider who has an occupant on the back of the motorcycle. Now, there is, even more, weight. Plus the occupant can be thrown or tossed from the fishtailing or dropped bike. Passengers and anyone else hit by the bike, or debris from the spill, can certainly sue the rider who failed to take first tire traction precautions.

Properly Taking Corners is of Special Concern.

Entering a corner slow and then picking up on the throttle early, can mean the bike isn’t on the best trajectory, then the rider needs to figure out quickly what the best thing is to do.

Leaning over more into the corner is not the right thing to do since it just increases the chance of going down. Learn that when there is less ground contact with the front tire, leaning won't help steady the bike. In fact, the most common place for a motorcycle to crash is on 180-degree corners when the change in direction occurs late in turn.

For this reason, many riders may get into the turn too slow. So then they may attempt to remedy the situation by hitting the throttle. The problem is when tires are cold smaller contact remains between the pavement and the front tire. Often there will be no grip by that tire in a sharp corner. So this can spell doom to a rider and others.

Proper Usage of Brakes and Speed.

The answer to fix this a little safer is by using the brake until the bike is on the right trajectory for the corner and do not accelerate until the bike is coming out of the corner and the roadway ahead can become seen. Then it is safe to pick up speed and stop the leaning angle for the corner.

This is a good method of cornering with any kind of tire. And when the bike has cold tires, this technique reduces cold tire crash risks. We hope this report on Cold tire accident lawsuits was informative. If you still have more questions about these types of claims, contact Firm. We have achieved significant results for downed riders and their passengers.

Also, we believe we are suited to help you in your motorcycle lawsuits. And we remain experts in liability insurance disputes. Call now at (213) 596-9642.


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Video of Motorcycle Cold Tire Crash:

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