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Costa Concordia Cruise Liner Info

The tragic sinking of the luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia was all over the news. The facts relate that only hours after it embarked on a seven-day Mediterranean cruise it sunk.

But it will go down as a part of avoidable history. This is because none of this had to happen if the captain had done his job as a common carrier. In fact, these passenger deaths and injuries were preventable.

Passengers received no warning when a large gash appeared in the hull of the ship. But even later after warnings were given, the passengers weren't evacuated properly.

Hurt on a Cruise?
Costa Concordia Claims
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Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Injury?

This led to confusion, injuries and even deaths of passengers, for several reasons. The captain's actions were not geared to protecting the passengers.
Also, the passengers had not had their emergency exit class. So the crew was not even prepared for an emergency evacuation of the ship. Did you or a loved one in your family suffer a loss in the Costa Concordia sinking?
If so, the cruise ship attorneys at ELFPI can provide fantastic representation. Only then can you recover the full compensation due. Our experience representing cruise ship accident victims means you get to focus on recovering.
After all, the physical and emotional ailments are no walk in the park. So let us worry about the legal and financial aspects.

Is The Time Limited to File a Claim?

The law limits the time an injured victim or the family member can sue. Passage contracts can shorten the time to as little as six months to file a claim. Filing your claim within the allotted time avoids forfeiting your rights. Failing this, you lose.
Because of this, Ehline Law Firm urges the victims and families of the Costa Concordia cruise ship accident to get help. In any event, do so before time runs out. There are many victims of this disaster. Ehline Law Firm urges the families to join in the class action lawsuit.

What Must You Understand About  a Class Action Lawsuit?

When a incident occurs with multiple victims, the number could reach hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs. All these parties could join against the defendants. This allows the justice system to work fairly and efficiently for the plaintiffs and the defendants.

How Do You Determine Responsibility in the Costa Concordia Calamity?

One of the steps the personal injury attorney will take is investigating the facts of the debacle, to determine the party or parties that are responsible. This is because they must pay for the accident that resulted in injuries or wrongful death. There can be varying degrees of responsibility.
The duty remains with the victim's attorney to ascertain the varying degrees of accountability. Percentage of fault becomes a fulcrum of the case. Otherwise, assigning payment of damages becomes obscured. And damages must be foreseeable, certain and unavoidable.
The Costa Concordia/Costa Cruise Lines, Inc. blamed the captain, Francisco Schettino 100%. In essence, they are seeking to avoid legal liability. But the doctrine of respondeat superior makes the master liable for the actions of its servants. Also, since the ship lines are a common carrier, their escape will unlikely succeed.
This is because they owe a heightened duty of care to the passengers. But the fact remains, the captain failed to follow the charted electronic course. In other words, he ignored the dangers of scuttling his ship.
And he did all this just so his passengers could salute the Island of Giglio, Italy. Michael Ehline thinks a thorough investigation will find the captain was mostly to blame.
But Ehline went on to say that:

"The Costa Cruise Lines, Inc. and their parent company will also share some blame."

How Do You Contact Cruise Casualty Attorneys?

The injured victims and families must speak with qualified and experienced advocates. All you need to do is pick up the phone. Call Ehline Law Firm at (213) 596-9642.
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Vicious Canine Attacks Against Adults and Children.

Dog Attack at Dog Beach-Goldenwest Street HB
A Rottweiler Attack is always possible.
Dog attacks can affect all people, but the most common injuries are to children. These terrible attacks cause more emergency room visits than any other for children– including burn injuries.

These attacks could cause serious laceration injuries, especially 10 and under. Unfortunately, 77% of these injuries to small kids involve their heads and faces and could also lead to infections.

Most Assaults By Dogs Happen at Home

Dog attacks are common in the United States. Also, the damages are estimated to be over $2 billion dollars a year. At least 61% of these dog attacks happen in the owner’s own home, or immediate neighborhoods. It’s common that even familiar dogs will attack, especially if they are not considered a danger.

Important: Many don’t want to have to sue their friends and neighbors, or understand the law as it relates to dogs in general. Also, severe injuries and medical bills need to get addressed. When faced with these issues and emotional scarring, insurance often covers much. However, sometimes this can fall short. Also, some people insurance companies refuse to pay what they should.

Important Steps to Take After Enduring a Dog Bite Wound In Los Angeles.

A hurt person will often remain shell-shocked. Also, they can be emotionally shattered, vulnerable, and even disfigured. Still, the law requires victims to be diligent in mitigating losses. In fact, this is how they protect injury claims in order to be indemnified. You need to prove your case. 

These tips can assist:
  • Call a first responder – Even if it seems like this is not a major injury. An untreated bite can lead to rabies or serious infection, perhaps also leading to amputation. Even a claw scratch can have severe consequences. Seeing a doctor is vital, even in the emergency room.
  • Determine who owns or controls the aberrant animal – Make sure the owner is on notice. So now you can assure the animal becomes secured or quarantined.
  • Identify the liability insurance company providing potential coverage This is crucial. As discussed, there may be more than one policy of insurance. In some cases, your own insurance may provide potential coverage for your wounds.
  • Call the local Los Angeles City and County animal control agents, and police, and lodge a complaint – The County dog police, or city animal control officer, may wish to impound the animal to prevent future injuries and test it for mange, rabies, or other disease. They may even discover that the animal has attacked others, declare it a danger, and could have it destroyed.
  • Preserve of Evidence – It is crucial to take photos of the attack location, holes in fences that the dog escaped through, names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses or anything else that proves your story and who controls the animal. This can include daily photos of your injury and slow recovery. Preserve your clothes and the blood, dirt, or other issues for the case.

Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases.

Dogs are more dangerous on a leash Some states require that a dog to set upon another person at least once in the past. Otherwise a victims cannot sue in court. Not so in the Golden State. But there is no “one bite” rule here in California. In the State of California, the legislature has determined that a dog owner is strictly liable when his or her dog bites another person in an animal attack.

Also, few are available. Defenses are listed here. So in the Golden State the dog does is not required be a known “danger.” Here, the owner remains liable for bodily and emotional harm. Also, few defenses apply.

Standard and Burden of Proof for Liability To Attach:

In order to recover money, you must first prove:

  • Victim was not a trespasser – But the victim must gotten hurt on publicly open property. And if injured on private property, the bad actor must not have had real or implied permission.
  • Who owns or controls the dog.
  • Victim suffered an injury, for which monetary compensation may be awarded.

Compensation Afforded Victims Includes:

  • Lost Wages and Employment – Including time off work, provable loss of contract or job.
  • Recovery of Hospital and Therapy Bills – Including future therapy, and past, present, and future medications for mental and physical pain.
  • Past, Present and Future Pain and Suffering.
  • Home Nursing Care.
  • Loss of Consortium – Including love, affection, and other issues.
  • Punitive Damages –

    In extraordinary circumstances a victim can punish the defendant. This is called punitive damages. But you get this only if you can prove the dog owner “sicked” his dog on you.

    Because that surely would qualify as an intentional act, the defendant must pay extra money. Also, this is compensation beyond the standard general damages award. In fact, this is the way you punish the perpetrator. This is also called "extraordinary damages."

Ehline Law Firm consists of experienced, nose to the grindstone personal injury attorneys. And these lawyers don’t beat around the bush. We know all about California animal attack lawsuits and insurance claims. Also, our lawyers are straight shooters with a can do attitude.

As a matter of fact, we can help you determine the amount of your money damages claims. Beyond that, we can counsel you on how to avoid making frivolous demands. Plus, we will present you with a game-plan on how to achieve a low risk recovery with utmost haste.

As discussed, this may include damages for permanent injuries to your body or mind. Let us help you determine what insurance coverage there is for your potential case. You may have a case worth filing. Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat and achieving windfall victories is our goal.

If we cannot settle, we are willing to take the case all the way through and won’t be happy until you win a satisfying settlement or verdict at trial.

Finding the Right Lawyer and Doctor.

At Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, we will assist you in finding a doctor. In other words, we can help you get a physician to work on a lien if you cannot afford the best medical care for your small child. Also, we understand that a child injured by a dog bite wound need more than physical care. So we can help you locate a psychiatrist to help with the emotional difficulties of an attack by a dangerous animal.

Parents are also indirect victims of dog bites and other animal attacks, not just their bitten children. Call our legal guru and speak with an experienced, leading California dog bite attorney expert immediately. Don't hesitate. Learn about our no win no fee promise, at (213) 596-9642.


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