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The Largest Hazard to Motorcycle Riders is Distracted Drivers

Are Motorcycles at Higher Risk than Traditional Cars?

Distracted drivers are an enormous threat on the road. Between young people speaking to their friends, drivers on their phones, and other major distractions, they are a leading cause of road deaths. In fact, distracted driving crashes and deaths are rising. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, over 3,000 people were killed by distracted drivers in 2014. With cell phones increasingly ubiquitous, this issue will only grow.

Two-wheeled vehicles are at a severe disadvantage when faced with a larger, heavier vehicle, as will be discussed.

What are the Risks to Motorcyclists From Distracted Vehicles?

Because of the nature of motorcycles, the potential for serious injury or death due to distracted drivers is sharply higher. Being aware of surroundings is a major plus for riders. But only one part of the puzzle is solved by the rider paying attention.

There are many people distracted by many things. And these people are a clear and present danger to bikers. Distracted driving is becoming an issue nearly on par with drunk driving.

One of the significant differences is that many distracted drivers don’t realize they’re doing it. Many car operators use cell phones as though it were second nature.

Larger vehicles, including SUVs, are a huge threat to bikers. Their sheer size and weight make serious injury far more likely. Furthermore, young people make up a significant share of distracted drivers. Teens and new drivers are less experienced. They cause accidents at increased rates. Motorcyclists are over 30 times more likely to die due to crashes than car and truck drivers.

Distracted driving will not go away anytime soon. So this is where proper riding technique is so important. In fact, it could even save a life. Motorcyclists are an integral part of traffic. Their rights and privileges should be respected as does everyone else’s.

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Michael Ehline, Motorcycle Lawyer

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