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How Do Victims of Negligent Pressure Sores Get Legal Help?

Many sons and daughters have suspicions over their parent’s care. Mom and dad are seniors now. They are in elder care facilities and ready to pass into twilight.

One question families ask nursing home abuse attorneys is “are these pressure sores common?” Or “is it normal for my parent to look so bad?” So to answer these questions, specific signs exist. Most of all, if the elder has broken down skin, it can turn into an open sore.

So this article discusses the causes and symptoms of pressure sores. These ailments affect many seniors under nursing care.

Ulcer cut away graphics.
Decubitus Ulcer Graph. Enlargement and pressure ulcer injury.

Table of Contents:

Pressure Sores in Older Adults.

Few health conditions can cause pressure sores absent good care. Pressure sores appear on mature adults if confined to bed or a wheelchair.

And most of the time they do not have assistance to move. So circulation gets cut off. Most of all, pressure from the bones cuts blood flow under the pinched skin.

Common Locations for Pressure Sores.

Bony areas such as the hip are common areas for sores. Also, the buttocks, the sides of the knees, heels or shoulders are at risk. Circulation gets cut off by the weight of the bones. So sandwiched skin gets impinged between two hard surfaces.  One, the bone, and two, a bed or a wheelchair, for example.

The skin on the aged adult is delicate. And it can become damaged quickly from loss of circulation. Unless you take steps, such as using pillows, the risks increase. Nurses must use lambswool on the heels and between the knees. So caretakers must take steps to stop pressure sores from forming.

Keep the Skin Clean and Moist.

One of the ways to keep pressure sores from forming is good skin care. Most of all, you must keep the skin clean and moist. And you must maintain excellent blood circulation.

Maintain Blood Circulation.

Improved circulation means moving a bed-ridden patient at intervals. Also, doing daily range of motion exercises helps. At any case, this helps nutrients and blood cells circulate. And it lets the skin breathe easier.

  • Methods to Help Blood Circulation.

Nurses have many tools available to care for ailing patients. To help with blood flow, a proven and easy method exists. Placing a pillow or lambswool between the knees is a proven method to help blood flow.

Most of all, this keeps the bones in the knees from pressing against the skin of the opposite knee. But this is one example of how impingements can stop circulation.

Broken Skin Is a Sign of Serious Injuries.

Illness such as a stroke can confine an elderly person to bed or a wheelchair. By and large, this is due to paralysis. Signs of the breaking down skin are visible.

First, the skin will exhibit red spots. And if poor circulation continues, the skin turns deep red, black or purple. So skin and the tissue underneath will die from lack of circulation.

Special Risks Inherent in Seniors.

The loss of circulation at any age can cause problems. But in the aged person, it worsens. All things considered, older skin is delicate. And it will break down much faster than someone younger.

If the home health agency has elders with pressure sore signs, this is a red flag.

This might be the time to question changing health care providers. But voice these concerns to a lawyer experienced in elder abuse laws. This person can hold the personal care agency liable under the law.

Get Help.

Contact an experienced elder abuse lawyer for help. Call (888) 400-9721.

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