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Los Angeles Escalator Accidents

Escalators can cause severe injury despite being in many malls and stores. Here we discuss the problem, the varying points of view and how to find the right lawyer for your particular case.

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Escalators are enclosed moving staircases. These machines have moving waist-high guard rails at the sides. Owners and operators of escalators are common carriers under California negligence law.

Because of this, operators and landlords have a higher standard of legal care. They must assure sure things are in working order.

Statistics show that there are:

  • About 30,000 escalators in the country today. (Source.)
  • Plus, there are as many as 575 million escalator passengers every day.
  • Approximately 11,000 people suffer injuries on escalators each year.
  • About 27 deaths take place annually from these machines.

Our skilled attorneys at the ELFPI stand up for victim's rights. Also, we work our hardest to assure they get the best care.

With the higher standard, negligent parties owed a duty to stop the escalator.

  • In fact, they could place an "out of order" sign and use the motionless escalator as ordinary stairs.

Does ELFPI Have An Earned Reputation for Helping Escalator Victims?

Yes we do! ELFPI has earned its reputation assisting those harmed by others’ negligence. Our specialization in escalator cases has shown us unflattering pictures of the injuries. Escalator-related injuries cause fingers, flip flops, dresses, and toes to catch in moving pieces of the machine.

In other words, belts, grates, trusses, tracks, steps, and handrails of the moving staircase can cause a deglove or amputation. Our knowledge of the mechanics of the machine and the case study to make your claim more effective. Reach us at (213) 596-9642 for a free consultation.

What is Escalator and Moving Walkway Liability?

So we know what an escalator is. So what is a "moving walkway?' Great question? In fact, we see them at most airports such as LAX, or John Wayne Airport. It's just a horizontally moving conveyor belt that moves you quicker. So it's similar to an escalator in its moving handrails, parts and forward motion.

  • The liability for such a severe accident falls on the building owner or manager. They are responsible for the safe usage of the machine and the proper maintenance thereof.
  • If it is unsafe, then it is so for the public and tenants. Airports also use escalators and similar horizontal system for fast transport.

These machines must have handrails that keep pace with the conveyors or steps. This for people to balance while moving. Malls will commonly use the large staircase type escalators. Sometimes condos, apartment complexes or smaller retail spaces maintain escalators.

These areas have high pedestrian traffic. So these include stadiums, airports, train stations, and the like. In subways, even spiral and tube style escalators are utilized. When multiple people get involved in maintenance, the owner or manager is responsible for the utmost diligence. No matter what, they make sure that it is up to safety code.

When there is an accident, the owner or manager remains liable for negligence. Also, these remain complicated cases. Also, they require the steady hand of a skilled attorney, such as those at the Ehline Law Firm.

What are Some of the Common Causes of Escalator Accidents?

Owner and operators remain obligated by law to keep escalators safe. Often, human error is to blame for such an event.

Sometimes they are caused by:

  • Mechanical problems
  • Poor maintenance

These can cause failures that can cause stops that:

  • Jolt riders, including those not holding onto the railing.

Sometimes escalators face fires, due to:

  • Overheating
  • Flammable lubricating oil
  • Poor sprinkler devices. (this can lead to the "trench effect.")

So damaged and worn equipment must get updated and fixed. However, when not done, severe issues follow.

  • There are cases when the grated metal stairs have gaps.

These gaps can cause:

  • Skin and clothing to become caught.

Injuries are especially hard with cases involving children. This can cause you:

  • Severe foot
  • Hand, or other injuries
  • Ailments include avulsion and amputation

Overview of escalator injury causation:

  • Improper belt and parts.
  • Improper repairs and maintenance.
  • Jarring and jolting stops that are sudden.
  • Missing protective railings and side panels.
  • Entrapment of feet, tennis shoes, digits and so forth, in “side traps.”
  • Improperly tightened parts, broken, damaged or missing comb plate teeth.
  • Attractive nuisance.

Unfortunately, children are at higher risk for injury, especially those that see escalators as a toy. When children misuse the escalator or are out of their parents’ supervision, severe injury can result. One of the most common injuries is due to a side entrapment hazard.

Children lean on or stand closer to the plexiglass or metal paneling as they grab onto the rail for support. Also, fingers get caught, or skin gets ripped off in the rail belts. Also, shoes or shoestrings could become nabbed in the step grates. In fact, even with parental supervision, this remains possible.

What Other Types of Injuries Sustained In Escalator Accidents?

Each year there are thousands of accidents involving escalators that cause severe injuries, most commonly those with the hand or foot.

Also, cases of:

  • Severe head trauma
  • Knee injuries
  • Fingertip injuries, or others remain avoided-able with proper maintenance

What Should You Immediately Do After an Escalator or Moving Walkway Mishap?

First thing first:

  1. Find immediate medical care.
  2. Sit down with an accredited injury attorney to go over your legal rights.

This will include:

  • Taking pictures of the accident scene
  • Gathering witness statements
  • Filing a notice of defect or claim, and other elements.

IMPORTANT: No matter what, call the police. Also, and fill out an incident report. In fact, make sure that all safety regulations get carried out.

Why Else Should You Hire a Lawyer Right Away?

It is important not to wait in a case like this. There could be multiple liable parties and waiting out the statute of limitations could kill your case. A skilled attorney is vital to getting your life whole again. Don't wait any longer.

What are Some Other Things Attorneys Can Help With?

An experienced legal team by your side can make all the difference. So now you have help organizing a proper claim for the court. In fact, lawyers make sure negligent parties remain liable. The attorneys will gather proper evidence.

Also, they will file your liability insurance claims, In fact, they also contact the insurance companies. Also, attorneys can determine if the escalator was faulty or recalled. The right attorney is vital in your court case. ELFPI has won in hundreds of cases, winning millions in settlements for our clients.

So You Have Learned the Various Problems, Now How Do You Hire the Right Lawyer?

Now that we have discussed the problem, and the varying view points, it's time to find the right lawyer right? Well you just have.  Also, we are experts at helping you patch your life back together.

So if you're facing medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, medicine, and more, call us today at (213) 596-9642 for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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