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Enforcing Personal Injury Judgments is Rare?

USDOT Safety Hearings.
USDOT and Michael Ehline at Safety Hearings.

Yes this is true. Enforcing a PI law verdict is not normally something we have to do regularly. Luckily, in most cases, insurance companies will pay off the judgment.

  • The judgment is basically a court order to the defendant to pay the jury award. If the case wins at trial, judgment is entered in favor of the injured plaintiff.

If the judgment is not paid, it is usually due to bankruptcy, and the plaintiff stands in line after the secured creditors since this is an unsecured debt.

If you can find assets, which is rarer, the court can attach these assets. Same with garnering wages. But often the debtor will work off the grid to avoid creditors like you. So it’s not easy to enforce.

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