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Another Terrible Rape at Sea

Why Are There So Many Rapes on Cruise Liners?

One of the sad constants of the last several decades is an assault on cruise ships. There are multiple issues of fights and injury on these vessels. There are a variety of causes. Some boil down to a lack of regulation. In others, inadequate attention from the cruise company itself.

Take for example a horrible rape case on a cruise line. The recent attack is a reminder of the dangers on these vessels. It also shows the lack of action from those big corporations.

A woman in fear of an assault

Take for example an attack in 2014. This crime occurred on a Holland America cruise in the Caribbean. Ketut Pejayasa attacked the Michigan woman. He now serves 30 years in federal prison for attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.

He tried to throw the woman overboard. The attacker choked the woman until she was unconscious and raped her. Blood covered her body. She had multiple broken bones in her back and face. She needed an air ambulance back to Florida.

The New York Times reported on an unfortunate reality. Such cases are all too usual. There is a normalization of this type of behavior on cruise lines. Furthermore, there is little to no action from the big cruise companies.

Fighting the Terrible Trend

Such a case might be reasonable now but doesn’t have to be. Furthermore, it is up to each consumer to fight back. We all have the power to change the way that the industry runs itself. Passengers do not have to put up with poor service, or worse. Criminal actions are unacceptable. We all have a part to play in making our ships safer.

Injured parties fight back through legal means. If a person needs a lawyer for a cruise ship injury, they contact a skilled expert. Ehline Law studied many such cases and represented clients in court.

We win because we get the issues around the fact. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, also works as a lobbyist in Washington fighting for passengers’ rights. Contact us for more information.

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