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Do Your Attorneys Make Home, Office and Hospital Visits at No Cost?

Doctors finally have a chance to treat brain injury.
Doctors finally have a chance to treat brain injury.

Yes! We will come to you anywhere in California 24-7. Our aggressive, ambitious attorneys have superior results because we do whatever it take to earn and retain your business.

After all, the aftermath of a severe accident can leave you feeling alone and unable to carry on. But getting to a lawyer is not always possible, even when you get released to home care from surgery, or the ER. Sometimes you are flat on your back, and down and out.

The saddest part is, that every day that goes by, the less valuable your future personal injury lawsuit becomes. But if you are reading this, you can stop lamenting and get on the phone.

We will come right to your house, place of employment, or hospital, even the accident scene. We will do whatever it takes to earn your confidence and respect. When dealing with such an injury yourself or with a family member, you need all of the support you can get.

The need for medical care is evident, but so should be proper legal care. Having a tireless advocate that can fight for you every step of the way will help take strain and stress off of you and help you focus on your recovery.

Ehline Law has emerged as one of the most compassionate firms in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our personal injury specialists have developed a strong bedside manner to keep pressure off the victims of injury whom we represent.

Let Ehline Law Firm’s Seasoned Injury Lawyers Streamline Your Legal Troubles

How do we help move your case along to a successful conclusion without leaving money on the table? Simple. Right from the very start, we treat the case with a do or die mentality that only Marines understand.

We consolidate and simplify the many processes needed for a full recovery, especially when you or a loved one is out of work.

We can start by visiting the victim at home, office, or at the hospital, making sure that their needs are heard and accounted for right off the bat.

Our service stands out because:

  • We get to know you personally and about your life and complications from the accident
  • We will visit you 24 hours a day
  • Plus, we consult with you anywhere in Southern California
  • And we will not charge you a dime unless we win for you

We are able to start with a simple call or email. Contacting Ehline Law lets you set up a consultation with one of our legal experts to discuss the circumstances of your accident and how we can help.

Also, we have no problem in visiting you at your bedside to piece together the causes of the incident and how it has affected you. You may be going through a very difficult time with mental anguish and suffering.

Every facet of your injury and recovery can and will be documented by our professionals. Since we operate across Northern and Southern California, as well as San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, we can set up a personal meeting within several hours and convenient locations for you. 

Or we can get in our car come right to your bedside. We can then determine a starting point to collect evidence, witnesses, and documents. These will all help with your case and allow us to negotiate with a defendant, insurance company, or government agency.

Plus, we can help document each part of your injury and property. Also, we can establish the amount of medical bills you are paying and may be responsible for in the future.

Our office is fully staffed with energetic and tireless advocates for our clients. We’ve won hundreds of personal injury cases. We have experience in recovering millions for victims and helping them get their lives back on track.

Since we work on contingency, there won’t be a cent asked unless we recover for you. Contact the Ehline Law Firm today for more information or to have us meet in person.

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