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L.A. Animal Control Guidelines for Dogs

A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background
A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background

Even with responsible pet owners and modern animal control, there is still a high chance that a dog will bite a person in their lifetime. The likelihood rises for children and with stray dogs. Other factors, including owner abuse and disease, can make the situation even more complicated and dangerous. With so many issues at play, there are some general guidelines to follow to mitigate attacks.

What are Some Hints to Prevent Dog Attacks in L.A.?

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has some helpful tips on how to help to avoid such attacks. The Department itself can also assist in response to dog bites. Also, they can seek out stray dogs.

And they can make sure that owners have appropriately vaccinated their animals. They are also able to determine if such a dog should be classified as Potentially Dangerous or Vicious, further protecting the public.

Irresponsible Pet Owner – Is It A Legitimate Problem?

Some people think owning a pet means they have no responsibility to the animal but to feed it. But allowing a pet to roam wild or get infectious diseases can be a threat to the public. Also, about half of all bites require medical attention for children according to the CDC. So there should be extra weight behind prevention with parents and pet owners, don’t you agree?

How to Prevent Future Attacks? What Role Can Authorities and Lawyers Play?

If such an attack does occur, there is vital to make an example to prevent another attack. Contacting the appropriate authorities and seeking medical attention is a good first step. However, what many people don’t realize is that a skilled attorney can be the keystone to an appropriate recovery.

So a trusted advocate could help get medical bills compensated and work with you regarding long-term recovery. But a lawyer can also go further. Such an attorney can work with officials to determine if the animal had been a danger to public safety.

Afterward, you’ll know whether or not the owner was violating local laws or common sense. Such a determination could prevent the animal or any others owned by the same owner from attacking another innocent victim.

Disease Transference.

These issues become acute when dealing with such an attack afterward.

  • First can be the emotional trauma and scarring of such an attack. Such scarring is often both physical and emotional.
  • Secondly, there is a risk of disease transference — the most dangerous being rabies. Finding out if the animal has rabies is a paramount step and one that an attorney could assist with.
How to Get Help for Dog Attacks.

Contact Ehline Law 24 hours a day for more information about how best to proceed. Their skilled staff is specialized in the field of animal attacks. They can assist in every step of the process. You’re not just seeking justice for yourself. But you’re helping prevent future bites and injuries. Call Ehline Law today– we’ll come to you and don’t ask for a cent unless we win for you.

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