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Are Trump Supporters Often Targeted?

Anti Trump and flag burning
Liberals love burning our flag

In the first place, anyone that watched this election cycle saw something strange. In fact, they saw a new level of vitriol. The 2016 election appears the most divisive in modern memory. In truth, the problem continues to increase. But some consisted of hoax attacks. And victims claimed that they faced attack by Trump supporters. So instead, in most cases, the reports proved false.


In fact, there are plenty of documented cases of violence. All of that happened during this last election. But the force has been aimed at Trump supporters, though. The Daily Caller reported on a student protest. First of all this incident happened in Maryland. So, to explain four people beat a pro-Trump youth. In fact out of four people, by the same token one got arrested. As a result, the assaulted student went to the hospital.

The Daily Wire covered another similar, disturbing turn of events. A mob in Chicago beats a Trump supporter. But in fact, no sympathy came from the left. So on CNN, a Clinton backer said the following.

“We can’t call for people to be peaceful when the rhetoric is not friendly. And people don’t feel calm in their home.” At another point, the Democrat said, “Oh my goodness, poor white people.” But the comment was made a sarcastic manner by the individual.

A Trump supporter got attacked by two people in Meriden, CT. The supporter holding a Trump sign faced an assault,  according to the Boston Globe. According to the paper, the two assailants arrested. They were both from the same city as the beating. “Wilson Echevarria, a 32-year-old resident. His charges included third-degree assault. And Anthony Hobdy, a 36-year-old resident, charged with third-degree assault. But also they included heroin possession and other charges.”

Is Ignorance Bliss?

We cannot wish away the wave of violence. In truth, this isn’t something we can do.  Many Clinton supporters draw from a well of anger. So, they’re using it in violent methods. Hate groups like ANTIFA use it against the Trump supporters. In truth, this type of violence needs to stop. But the Clinton campaign isn’t helping the situation.

The recount effort was triggered by violence and vitriol as well. For this reason, the recounts include the states of WI, PA, and MI. So in fact, this is going to deepen the divisions.

Also, it appears that the  DNC is either directly or indirectly funding these leftist agitators.  In fact, the DNC has funded the leftist agitators causing these problems. But the victims may be able to sue. So as a result, the defendant could be the DNC.

The Democrat Party may be liable for intentional torts. In truth, they could bring personal injury claims. This suit would be brought under the doctrine of Respondeat Superior.

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