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Liability in Tenant Injuries

A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign
A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in pain in Long Beach City

There are many factors at play when a person is injured on property owned by another, especially a landlord. When dealing with these cases, the law looks for some aspects of the landlord or property manager’s actions.

To be held liable, each factor must apply to these circumstances. These include whether or not the place of accident was the landlord’s responsibility to keep maintained.

This test remains especially the case if the owner knew or should have known that this would cause an accident leading to severe injury. If the damage was due to these factors, the landlord’s negligence, then they can be held liable.

Suing in Court.

There are many cases in which property owners are sued in court for damages stemming from negligence. If there is a case where a tenant is injured due to the inaction of the landlord, a case can be brought about. For example, what if a tenant slips and falls on an improperly maintained floor and can prove the landlord failed to retain the area for any length of time?

Well, if that the fix should have been done quickly and easily, and that the injury was the direct result of such negligence, they could have a case in court. After such an incident, a personal injury claim gets lodged against the insurance company. Then they are obliged to dispute or pay compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Also, a duty exists to repair or replace damaged and destroyed physical property.

Often, owners or operators of property can avoid many of the problems that lead to injuries in the first place. By instituting regular checks of different parts of the property and fixing issues a lot of questions go away.

Let the tenants know early on in the rental contract your policies on maintenance. By prioritizing different damages and how to fix them and noting tenant complaints, you can avoid costly lawsuits.

What is the Role of Insurance?

Choosing a property insurance policy is more than just watching a commercial on television. The different types of systems will have different rates, deductibles, and coverage areas.

So making sure you get covered by a Comprehensive General Liability policy. That way you can make sure you are covered if a person gets hurt on your land. This type of system will include the potentially high costs of injury cases.

Policy Purchasing Decisions.

When purchasing such a policy, make sure that you have enough coverage to reach all of your property, including assets such as vehicles used on the job. It should also cover what might seem like tangential issues, such as libel, unlawful eviction, and invasion of privacy. These will shore up many concerns and conditions that could come up over the years.

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