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The upbeat Ehline Law Firm is a successful law corporation composed of plaintiff's lawyers in Laguna Hills, CA. Our aggressive, award winning legal advocates have confidently assisted injured people for over ten years. Most of all, we strive to help people personally harmed due to the carelessness of others.

Laguna Injury Lawyers Fighting for the Rights of Orange County Accident Victims

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Satisfying clients and return customers are always ELFPI's goals. As such, ELFPI has a 98% success rating helping plaintiffs like you. Furthermore, Michael Ehline is the holder of the prestigious Litigator of the Year Award.

He also supports organizations like the Orange County Bar Association and Orange County Trial Association.

Hence, our seasoned staff proudly helps hurt people get a financial recovery.

  • Most noteworthy to accident victims is that we seek monetary damages from the defendant(s).
  • We help you get your cars fixed and to even find a rental vehicle.
  • Our goal is to get you money for lost wages, bills, pain and suffering.

So our mainstay of cases come from motor vehicle accidents like those on Laguna Canyon Road. Our team has the skill, knowledge, and training to handle anything.

Because of this, our talent is enough to handle ADA cases. So we can help with claims for denial of services for failure to install pool lifts or handicapped ramps.

Need Help With Accidents in Greater Laguna Beach?

There are all kinds of hazards for people traveling through this tourist hub. We are glad to help people when there is a truck accident or other motor vehicle collision. Hence, we offer free information on what to do.
People on foot are at particular risk for being maimed for life, or killed. The happy and confident Ehline Law Firm staff has many past satisfied clients we helped out of this type of quagmire. Our dedicated staff and attorneys have won tens of millions of dollars.
Plus, our impressive verdicts and settlements make ELFPI a cut above and our clients, ecstatic. We simply stand out as being better with our bearing and command presence.
Michael Ehline has perfected a proven, time-tested method for serving clients. Michael's techniques have helped wounded people get money for injuries for over ten years. He takes great pride in assisting consumers who were victims of negligence.
Having a high-profile lawyer like Ehline could be crucial for severe cases.
Some Laguna Accidents We Help Resolve:
  • Dog Bites: Of particular interest, a rabid animal can cause an amputation or disfigurement. Also, small children are at special risk for dog attacks. Off-leash dogs have attacked surfers at the beach too.
  • Nursing Home and Elderly Abuse: Laguna Woods is where Leisure World™ is located. This is a recreational care facility for seniors. In home nurses and even crooked lawyers have abused senior citizens. Ehline does not tolerate nursing home abuse.

Need Help for Your Laguna Beach Motor Vehicle Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents include:
  • Motorcycle Wrecks: Michael Ehline is sympathetic to fallen motorcyclists. He is an avid enthusiast and rider himself. Michael even attends biker charities. Mike loves the freedom riding brings. But he is aware of the risks. This lawyer has been in motorcycle accidents himself. Thus, he knows all about the dark, windy roads in Laguna. He and our team know at night can mean death or severe injury. When other drivers don't pay attention, bikers die. In fact, ELFPI has helped many occupants and riders get justice.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Bicyclists riding on PCH have minuscule bike lanes. Try riding a bicycle in Laguna Canyon lately? It's a harrowing experience to say the least. Cars seem to end and re-merge into traffic at odd locations along with cyclists. So there may be multiple defendants for changes in the roads, or poor maintenance. So parties to your case can include Caltrans and the city or county. In fact, the state may partially be at fault along with a private actor. The only way you know is with the help of qualified local attorneys.

Were You Hurt as a Passenger in an Auto?

Traversing Laguna requires an understanding that many drivers are tourist renting unfamiliar vehicles. And many more are Uber and Lyft drivers relying on a GPS that is not very good. Of particular interest, these are often drivers from out of the area.
The fact that the roads are circuitous adds to the risks of them losing control of their leased or rented car. There are also many shops and tourist destinations. Couple this with the epidemic of texting while driving and distracting storefronts.
Now, do you see the risks? Obviously, car accidents are the leading type of case we help with for a reason. And a ride through Crystal Cove may be all it takes for you to become an accident statistic too.
  • Big Rigs and Delivery Vehicles: There are only a few ways in and out of this town. There are many hotels, restaurants, and clubs off of the 73 Expressway, 55 Freeway and I 405. Pacific Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road have diesel truck traffic daily. Fast moving delivery vehicles cater to the stores and shops from here all the way to the Port of Long Beach. Hence, they are often rushed. These drivers have delivery deadlines to meet. The larger ones have glaring blind spots. As a result, a fatigued trucker could veer into the lane of a smaller vehicle. It's noteworthy that he or she could easily swerve onto the sidewalk. Therefore, defendant drivers could wipe out whole swaths of shoppers, joggers or bicyclists.

What About the Risks of Uber and Municipal Bus Accidents?

  • Taxis: With the rise of Uber, local human transportation is becoming cheaper and more competitive. Unfortunately, many of these drivers are not that good. Hence, this means increased risk of rear-enders or T-bone collisions. There are also other potential issues. So for example, we sometimes help victims of taxi cab drivers. Examples of people we help are sexually assaulted females who were drinking and needed a lift in a taxi.
  • Bus Injuries: Some local bus drivers are not pleasant. We have represented people who thrown forward into the cab. Hence, in that case, the bus driver thought it was fun to slam on the brakes. Other times arrogant drivers run pedestrians over. But getting sued is not fun for the driver or his bus company.
  • Other Injuries: Did you suffer a broken arm, eye injury, spinal cord injury? We can probably help.
Whether you're crossing PCH in a cross-walk or hit on your bicycle, our local attorneys help. The proud Ehline Law Firm has garnered millions of dollars for happy clients. We have rescued the cases of countless individuals.
So we have helped people with brain injuries and those who suffered wrongful death cases. We are situated to help you too.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Law Firms?

Out of state attorneys are always seen on cable TV spots. These greenhorns often will contact the Ehline Law Firm for help. Thus, they can have the help of local counsel (pro hac vice.)
First of all, we are not "ambulance chasers." In fact, we are just the opposite. We are hard chargers with a local flavor. Attorney Ehline grew up and attended law school in Southern California.
He used to manage a health club right off of Golden Lantern in Dana Point. He is also former U.S. Marine. Hence, Michael is an all-American from the O.C. So our team knows the city and its quirks. We give victims a great consumer experience.
Ehline's firm is aggressive and protective just like him. His team's Marine ethos shields you from the harassment and bigotry of the insurance company.
Michael prefers military tactics like putting the defense on the defensive. Most important, this is where these bad actors need to remain. You put yourself in good hands with us.
Through each step of your case, we keep you informed and educated. We are happy to explain the whole process to you and your kin. Our people understand your frustrations. In fact, our Knowledge is your power. So we take pride in keeping people completely informed.

Do We Understand the Danger of Distractions in Laguna Beach, California?

You bet we do! Aside from the winding roads along the Canyon, the city is full of distracting attractions. Laguna Beach is a seaside resort town located in Orange County, California. Right away a visitor will notice his or attention drawn away.
There are statues and signs everywhere. There are shops stacked on top of each other all vying for their next sale to a passerby. It is a famous artist’s community about 24 miles (39 km) southeast of the Santa Ana Civil Courthouse. 
People in cars usually spot the statue of the bearded "Greeter" waving to passers-by. There are vast open courtyards, flags, and signs everywhere along PCH. Laguna’s population was at 23,727 at the time of the 2000 census. And that does not include tourists and visitors, as discussed above.
The locale is famous for blue, sandy beaches, the Little Shrimp gay bar, and hotels. Hence, the art galleries and art festivals are internationally renowned. It is so nice here that many movies and TV shows are filmed here.
Of particular note, there is a constant stream of alcohol flowing. Inattentive and drunk drivers are a primary cause of severe crashes here.

We Help Laguna Niguel Victims Too

Laguna Niguel is next door to Laguna Beach. It is a south Orange County city. Laguna Niguel's name comes from the Spanish word for the lagoon, and also “Nigueli.” This was the name of a Juaneño Indian village previously located on the Aliso Creek.
Tourists who rent cars and are not familiar with the winding roads, get in wrecks often. Besides that, the streets are not well lit. Even locals lose control on the dark streets. There are also a lot of activities and nightclubs in this area.
  • DUI and car accident injuries are quite common. Experts know this is a recipe for a disaster when mixed with high speeds, or alcohol. Particularly relevant to travelers is that many elderly drivers are living in Laguna Woods. Many of these elders take prescription drugs and drive.

Still, others may be suffering from undiagnosed dementia or another disease. So with these added dangers there is no denying that this can be a dangerous place. So one might say, "operate a motor vehicle here at your own risk."

The Elderly Vehicle Operator Problem?

Laguna Woods, with its elders (median age of 78) is also a prime area for elder abuse. These reckless old drivers maybe should not be on the roads. Only the DMV can suspend their licenses to drive a car. You also want to choose a jurist who is aggressive and bold.

Important to note here that Ehline has the know-how to handle these traffic collisions. Maybe you were tourist who suffered vacation injuries? We can help!

Need Help Now?

If you or a family member is injured, contact an experienced Laguna Beach personal injury lawyer. You can reach the caring attorneys at Ehline Law Firm through our online form.  

Try calling (949) 371-8350. We are confident our company will give you a positive experience. Most of all, wounded souls who are suffering bona fide injuries deserve excellent lawyers. That's ELFPI and that's our promise to you.

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