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Michael Ehline runs a home office in Redondo Beach to assist neighbors and locals. He will walk or drive to you during posted hours.

About Our Outstanding South Bay Injury Attorneys

Redondo Beach veteran's park.
Redondo Beach veteran's park.

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Were you floored by a personal injury accident in Redondo, or Manhattan Beach, California? 

  • You need to look out for number one. Hence you have to protect your pocketbook.
  • People do this by retaining outstanding personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm.

You could be laid up by a terrible, life altering incident. Furthermore, it was caused by someone’s negligence. If so, you need a legal expert. The accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm are among the finest, talented legal practitioners in the South Bay. We have successfully represented thousands of plaintiffs.

ELFPI has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for satisfied clients. Many were victims of serious injury or death. We rescued them in their darkest hour.

What are Some of Our Awards and Recognition

Ehline Law Firm is the recipient of numerous awards from the legal community. These advocates have also made a name for themselves. Our proud leader, Michael Ehline is the winner of the prestigious Litigator of the Year Award.

He's been in the Los Angeles Times as a "Top Litigator." Ehline, a former Marine, has a do or die attitude. He proudly serves victims. Michael Ehline is a proud fighter.

Michael was also featured in Daily Journal Magazine for outstanding achievements on the California State Bar Law Office Study Program. Ehline was even voted Cruise Ship Attorney of the Year by Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

Furthermore, all proven advocates at Ehline Law Firm are top notch plaintiff's attorneys.

What Do We Do For Victims When They Telephone?

Our lawyers can probably tell you right over the telephone, whether you have a case. If you do, you may deserve to get hold of financial compensation. Hence, we help hold reckless transgressors accountable.

The Law Says Liable Parties Must Pay for You Personal Injuries in Dollars and Cents

If you have acquired a bad injury, the law allows justice through the California tort law system. Thus, dollars may be sought to pay back your out of pocket losses. These types of losses will include your medical care.

Plaintiffs can seek recompense for time away from work while convalescing, and other bills. Combined, all these economic losses are defined as "special damages." The genesis of these economic damages was the incident that caused a victim's disability.

Furthermore, plaintiffs as a matter of right, collect objectively reasonable compensatory damages. Compensatory damages also cover money for pain and anguish. These are "general damages." Sometimes your suffering will be permanent.

Hence, a person could get lifetime money payments from the defendant. The burden is usually borne by their insurance carrier. Either way, the plaintiff wins.

Our Local Experience Makes Us Different

Ehline Law Firm's manager is attorney Michael Ehline. He is a local resident in the South Bay. This sportsman rides his bicycle every week down to the pier and on the strand. Michael has lived in the South Bay for years.

This jurist understands the many ways injuries happen here. This lawyer has personally seen motorcycle and bikes getting hit by passenger cars. Michael has assisted hundreds of people who have been hurt. What's important is that he enjoys helping victims injured by the negligence of wrongdoers

We've Comforted South Bay Residents Since 2005

Our compassionate and caring lawyers at Ehline Law Firm are well-trained advocates. Furthermore, we've aided and comforted residents and passersby of the South Bay since 2005. Serious personal injury cases require excellent representation and strong knowledge of the local courts.

Hence, our knowledge legal forms and savoir-faire are great assets. Ehline has thorough personal knowledge of the local court system’s requirements. Thus, caring Michael understands the South Bay community at large.

  • Example of a Local Case We Worked On

One of our cases involved a serious head-on collision near Aviation and Rosecrans Avenue. In that case, there were no eye-witnesses. Naturally, the other party disputed liability. However, we retained the help of our accident reconstructionist.

Thus, we were able to hold the disputing party 100 percent (100%) responsible for the debacle. Hence, we won a nice chunk of change for our client. The firm has recovered millions of dollars for survivors of negligent wrongdoing.

Help is here at Ehline Law Firm for you and your family when tragedy strikes. Our law firm's devotion is to shielding your legal privileges, rights, and immunities. We are industry leaders and have won many awards for service and success.

Our dedication and results have put us head and shoulders above the competition. Also, we have snatched legal victories in many risky situations. Victims face these perils with strong negligence claims.

We Know the Key Decision Makers in the South Bay

Your attorney has to have experience with local courts and judges. For example, your lawyer may wish to file a CCP Section 170.6 motion to recuse a judge.

So it could be that Ehline thinks the judge has a bias against personal injury victims. But it could be that Ehline knows the local liability insurance adjuster. They probably worked on Redondo or Manhattan Beach area cases together in the past.

Thus, our team may already have a relationship with the parties who are key to your recovery of money. Good or bad, we know who our adversaries are and what steps to take to protect victims.

What Does "Indemnification is the Goal" Mean?

Our mission is to effectively handle your claims and indemnify you. Thus, we fight to make you whole in the only lawful way. The only payment you get in a PI case is money.

Ehline Law Firm wishes our clients would place their energy into getting healed and going to therapy. We take soothing comfort in seeing them getting back to their normal, daily tasks. Our sincere wish to focus on achieving the desired outcome of big money damages.

Feel free to call us right now for a no-risk, hassle free legal consultation at (888) 400-9721.

Types of Serious Injuries We Help With

Ehline Law is at the ready to help in all of the below practice areas, including:

  • Dog Bites: On and off leash attacks.
  • Passenger Car Accidents: Involving motorcycles & pedestrians.
  • Slips and Falls: Such as food places and uneven sidewalks.
  • Medical Malpractice: Including elder and nursing physical abuse
  • Legal Malpractice: Such as a lawyer blowing the statute to file a cruise ship injury claim.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Like getting run over on PCH when motor vehicles veer into the bike lanes. (learn more.)
  • Hit and Run DUI Injuries: When a driver flees the scene after hitting a pedestrian, or jogger. This is where we shine. We try and find them and coverage using other theories. We seek coverage from UM or UIM, or from other parties with insurance, or self-insurance coverages.
  • Wrongful Death: Like a dead mother or father who died from food poisoning.
  • Quadriplegia, Paraplegia: Such as those spine injuries caused by being thrown from a vehicle. Furthermore, it could be a person run over by a truck or some other vehicle.
  • Construction Site Injuries: Like falling into an open trench with exposed re-bar and getting impaled. Workers could have gotten electrocuted on non-grounded wire. They could have fallen from scaffolding. Usually this occurs after touching exposed high or even low voltage power lines. Ditches that aren't roped off are always a risk to people on foot. A child could wander on the job site and step on a nail from a sawed-off section of 2x4. Anything can happen. Your lawyers at Ehline Law Firm are prepared for all contingencies.

Therefore, we can assist you irrespective of what happened.Cases We Help With Encompass:

  • Slip and fall, elder abuse
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck or bus accidents.

Even if a person was run down and bitten by a loose dog, our lawyers can help.

Do I Really Need Personal Injury Attorney Help?

When you are in the pickle of a bad accident, you must understand how insurance companies operate. Insurance companies have used every trick in the book. Finally, their goal is to deny, or devalue insurance claims. (Read more here about auto insurance bad faith law.)

Tyrannical insurance companies have used unsavory, yet legal tactics to bully and play “hide the ball.”

Most of all, they do it most with unrepresented parties. They will try and use procedures like demanding to record your phone calls. Adjusters are infamous for asking loaded questions. Then, these insurance company employees will try and impeach you later.

Seems like the big insurance carriers have trained their staff in these magical techniques. Hence, delay, deny, defend is the order of the day.

How Can A Plaintiff Can Become a Victim Twice Without a Legal Representative?

Relevant here, an unrepresented victim who is already vulnerable can often exploitable. Victims are easily convinced, or “programmed” to accept much less than claims are worth.

Worse still, adjusters are experts and stringing people along. Furthermore, they like to drag it out until the right to sue has expired under the Statute of Limitations. Thus, a plaintiff becomes a victim twice. First in the accident, next when he fails to get a lawyer. In any event, all these tactics assure the carrier that settlements will are avoidable.

Finally, if they can't get off scot free, the settlement will be very low. There is no comparison to the compensation forked over for losses by represented parties. These multinational corporations are not in business to research claims in an unbiased manner. The opposite is true.

The Absurdity of Third Party Claims Evaluators.

Even when they pay a third party to research the value of your claim, it is with a mind of paying the smallest amount. Worse still, never expect an insurer to pay its “fair market value.”

Are you understanding this so far? In any event, there is no substitute for a lawshark. Furthermore, these lawyers are found at Ehline Law Firm. Do you want to recover from the impact this bad situation has caused you?

Thus, it is probably smart to contact our firm. Seems like we should at least give you a free case analysis. We could then tell you how best to proceed, even if you do not elect to retain us.

What Do the Studies Say About Non-Represented Victims?

The comedy that shows how silly insurance companies are is in their low ball offers. This is common with parties having no lawyer. In fact, their own industry-funded studies dealing with parties acting in propria persona show the bias.

The Insurance Research Council (IRC), conducts paid research. They do this for many of the country's major property & casualty associations. Thus, they conduct statistical analysis for many liability insurance companies.

In addition, their case studies compare final settlement valuations. They contrasted it with victims who had lawyers and those who didn't. Relevant here, the study results are riveting.

Forty Percent Larger Insurance Payouts to Plaintiff With Lawyers.

So let's take a look at what the statistics say. Their industry experts concluded wounded victims who hired attorneys received on average, forty percent (40%) more at settlement.

Most noteworthy, these studies go on to show that net payouts were still higher after attorneys took their fee. This is what the attorney gets for helping the victims. So attorneys got their contingency fee, and victims still got more money!

Seventy-Nine Percent More Insurance Money Goes to Represented Plaintiffs.

There is a final nail in the coffin to an unrepresented party. This same study shows settlements paid to represented plaintiffs were not just a little bit higher. As a result of being represented, parties recovered Seventy-Nine percent (79%) of the total insurance payments.

Of special interest, they made up less than half of all claims presented for resolution. If that doesn't convince you that you need a lawyer, nothing will.

Why Local Counsel is Usually Better.

As of the 2000 census, Manhattan Beach, California, had a population of 33,852. Hence, the city is in a crowded beach community. It is teaming with lots of tourists and recreation seekers.

Thus, it is is a hotbed for personal injury accidents. Therefore, drunk driving wrecks and injuries are fairly common on PCH at Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Also, many residential neighborhoods lack sidewalks.

Thus, it is not uncommon getting clipped by vehicles. Hence, navigating these tight, winding avenues can be dangerous.

Redondo is a California coastal city located in Los Angeles County. Thus, this makes it one of the many California cities that has major traffic congestion.

DUI Accidents Near King Harbor

There are lots of DUI related collisions near King Harbor, and the Riviera Village Area. Another hotbed is near the North Bay Galleria areas. This traffic congestion can result in auto accidents.

Thus, public transportation wrecks like bus collisions are fairly common during rush hour. Of special interest, pedestrian hit and runs often result in catastrophic injuries. North RB is hemmed in by Hermosa on the PCH coastline.

Furthermore, people are constantly in traffic congestion. These commuters are headed north and south. Thus, the risks and dangers to people out and about are immense.

The South Bay is an area with lots of bars, barhopping and shops, DUI checkpoints, and DUI accidents. Consequently, large, heavy vehicles collide with lighter motorcycles all the time. The same goes for sports cars, or pedestrians. Consequently, the outcome for the bicyclist, jogger is grim.

What About the Importance of Medical Treatment?

People involved in unfortunate situations like this should seek immediate hospital care. Victims must ensure they mitigate their damages. These individuals need to determine if there are any life-threatening problems.

Therefore, this also helps create a nexus between the accident and the injury. Failure to get medical care gives the adjuster an excuse. Now he or she can blame the accident on another event. Victims should not sabotage their own case by failing to get emergency treatment.

Furthermore, the non-negligent party should not go it alone. Hiring a lawyer in the Redondo or Manhattan Beach neighboring area can be advantageous.

Based on their knowledge of prior similar incidents, the lawyer has an express advantage. Ehline has already assisted locals and outsiders for accidents at these locations.

Contact An Experienced Redondo Beach, or Manhattan Beach Accident Attorney

When you think you have nowhere to turn, do not despair. Call Ehline Law Firm for a hassle free legal consultation. Feel free to click on our contact form on the sidebar.

Let our resourceful, aggressive, and competent legal advocates help you take back the direction of your fate. Just because you think the accident is your fault, that is not always the case.

Hence, you owe it to yourself to talk to somebody who handles questionable cases like your for a living. Don’t hesitate. Furthermore, you owe it to yourself to give the personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm a call. Thus, we are standing by at (888) 400-9721.

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