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Award winning personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline, is the president of Ehline Law Firm. He still surfs the fast waves of this alluring timeless community to this very day.

You probably landed this page because you were injured in Newport Beach or Corona del Mar, right?

We Help Locals and Tourists in Newport Beach Personal Injury Cases

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There are many places you or your family can get injured in Newport and Corona del Mar. For example, there are private bars like The Quiet Woman™, and eateries like El Cholo™ where alcohol and great food freely flows. Next, there are public roads and beaches like Little Corona ("Coronita") Beach. 

Coast Highway is almost always very busy with lots of Uber, Lyft, Taxi and ordinary commuter traffic off of Ocean and Coast Highway. Some people are residents traveling to work or home.

Others are tourists or locals heading to and from Corona del Mar, Laguna Beach and Fashion Island, among other places.

What are Some Unique Ways You Can Be Injured in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar?

Above we discussed some of the many places, but not all, you could become hurt while visiting Newport Beach. But what are some of the ways you can get hurt at these various premises?

Slips and Falls at an Eatery or Coffee Shop

Most of us realize you can slip on grease or a banana peel at a restaurant. But attorney Ehline has seen first hand that due to such great weather here, most establishments are not prepared for heavy rain.

Because of this, slips, trips and falls remain a great risk at coffee shops such as Rose Cafe™, Starbucks™ and PDM Coffee House™, for example. When you think about it, the combination of slick floors from dogs and humans tracking mud and rain into these busy stores is a recipe for disaster.

Some of the Injuries From Corona del Mar and Newport Beach Slips and Falls Can Include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Broken knee caps
  • Broken ankles, feet and hands
  • Elbow breaks
  • Hand and finger damage
  • Broken tail bone

Places that sell alcohol need to be especially vigilant due to the risks to the elderly locals who hang out at these popular watering holes.

  • Seniors are already at a risk for tripping and falling.
  • Being too drunk increases the risk of a falling injury.
  • Compound that with a wet floor during rainy season, and you can see the dangers present, right?

Property Owners and Negligence:

  • If a place you frequent is negligent by failing to clean up excess water, grease and tracked in dirt, and you sustain an injury like this, they were negligent. 

Already, there is a:

  • Slipping and falling risk from dog poop everywhere along Corona Beach's sidewalks. 

Because of this, you would have the right to make a claim against the negligent party's insurance, or sue.  

Can You Sue Corona del Mar or Newport Beach for Slipping on Dog Poop?

It is our opinion, that maybe you can go after the government for your slip, strip or fall at the places dogs frequent controlled by the city, for example. But some beaches are state beaches.

Plus, bringing a claim against the state, federal or local government is not easy.

  • An exception to Sovereign Immunity would need to exist. For example, does the government have a duty to properly inspect and maintain public sidewalks? Is the excess doggy doo doo a substantially changed condition since the time the original sidewalks were engineered?
  • Plus you would need to name and serve each agency responsible for your dog poop injuries within the time allotted by statute. (typically 6 months from the date of your injury.)

Are you getting this so far? But your risks of slipping on dog poop at a public beach, or water at a bar are nothing compared to the outcome of a bad dog attack.

What About Dog Bites at the Beach or an Eatery?

One glaring problem faced in Newport Beach by joggers, bicyclists and dog walkers is the risk of a dog attack. But this attack can happen just as easily at a restaurant as it can on a dog path.

And this is all due in part to California and the federal government's relaxed health regulations in favor of therapy and comfort dogs.

Some dog walkers are clueless, or simply negligent when it comes to training and picking up after their dogs. These aloof dog walkers will block sidewalks while they chat and drink coffee.

Plus many walkers let their leashed and unleashed dogs sniff you and other dogs as they obliviously loiter, chatting away. Also, many people don't clean up their dog poop and are generally just pompous to begin with.

There is always the risk to someone out bicycling or exercising of getting bitten by a dog. There is no avoiding close contact with dogs like this along these winding walkways and paths.

Dog bite injuries in Newport can include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Facial lacerations
  • Missing digits and amputations
  • Blindness
  • Broken or crushed bones, etc.

So as you can see, the laws regarding service dogs have not just opened the flood gates to dirty and unsanitary eateries.

Negligent, recalcitrant dog owners with a sense of entitlement have also placed you at risk of a dog nip, chomp, or brutal bite. But you can get justice by calling ELFPI. Let's take back our beaches. Ok?

What About Car Accident Injuries In Newport Beach, CA?

Not often discussed, expensive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis zip around residential streets and Coast Highway like bats out of hell. These super cars are loud and many of the car drivers are obnoxious people who speed and blow stop signs.

Obviously, the risk of hitting a pedestrian such as a small child crossing the street is great! But that is just one of the risks of living in a wealthy town.

In fact, Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as sports bike riders can be just as guilty as wealthy car owners of placing lives at risk. Making it quickly to and from their next fare can mean speeding and taking short cuts. Plus, drunks driving in cars can easily lose control and crash. And there are many people drinking and driving here.

What About the Risks of Poorly Maintained Roads?

We already discussed government claims above. But the duty of the government does not end at inspecting sidewalks. Public officials also have a duty to inspect, maintain and repair poor roads.

For example, if there are potholes and poorly marked construction zones, government liability may lie.  

What Types of Injuries Can Be Sustained in a Newport Beach Car Accident?

There are risks of high and low speed accidents that can injure, maim or kill you as a pedestrian or vehicle occupant as follows:

As seen above, there are many potential ways you can get injured in a Newport Beach car accident. There are also many pitfalls to self representation when dealing the quagmire of potential mistakes you can make.

Even attorneys sometimes fail to name all the potentially liable parties. So make sure you have supremely experienced and aggressive lawyers helping your from the get go. Ok?

What are Some Other Hazards of Legal Self-Representation?

There are other dangers presented for both wealthy and poor alike. Going it alone is only an option if you are highly trained and can devote time. The bottom line is you need help if you are hurt here.

Your injury could be due to the negligence of business, the city, or wayfarer just passing through. Consulting locals like the Newport Beach personal injury attorneys at our firm is always a plus.

We will give you an honest assessment of your potential case. We are the first to agree that money can never entirely repair the damaged heart or soul of an afflicted individual.

But when balancing the potential life-altering factors of a severe calamity, a recent accident victim is not always thinking clearly.

Newport Beach has a reputation as an upscale community. It also has a history of the police discriminating against out of towners. Whether that historical bias for residents is still as glaring as it once was today, is a matter of opinion. You may have to get the police involved after a wreck.

Most important is when you are in a bad wreck, you have a duty to exchange information. So calling the police is not always mandatory. Some people may be better off doing an over the counter traffic collision report.

Usually, people with no injuries and light damage do this. Examples include cases with witness and contact info. These are more clear cut cases of liability.

Officers here are notorious for railroading motorcyclists. We see they are fond of finding the rider to be the liable party. Police opinions in reports are hearsay. Some cops are expertly trained. So their opinions can count at time of trial.

We know that you will be confused. Go ahead and let us help you with these day to day, devastating events occurring in this fair city. 

Know Your Rights Before Speaking to Police or Insurance Companies

If you do talk to Newport cops, make sure you are aware of your rights. Do not to incriminate yourself. Beware that maybe you'll want to tell the investigators you are too shaken up. You have no duty to discuss the matter right now.

Most of all, it is not your job to decide who is at fault for a wreck. Confessing and admitting to things outside the presence of counsel is bad. More important, this can be the death knell for an otherwise windfall type of damages award.

It is better to remain silent and considered a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Even if you think it was your fault, other factors could be at play that acted in concert. There is often a chain of causation.

What About California Clear Comparative Negligence?

Even if you are partially at fault, in California, your attorney may be able to get you paid for your injuries. Hence, this falls under the clear comparative negligence rules here.

California allows an offset for your percentage of responsibility. The key is to speak immediately to a reputable lawyer. There is an excellent post-accident checklist located here.

Click if you want to learn more about the best practices to protect your legal and medical rights.

Contacting Ehline Law Firm after you are in a wreck is an important step to recovery. When we are building your case, we will use all the evidence.

We will take stock of what we recover from the scene of the accident. Hence, we will use your vehicle, road conditions, medical reports, and witness statements. We will use any other document or thing to build the case.

Also, we will use our experts to investigate the facts. Of particular interest, we will aggressively go against the insurance company.

What are Some Other Newport Beach Accident and Injury Cases We Can Help You With?

Ehline assists people in a vast array of accident and injury cases as follows:

But How Can I Pay for My Attorney and All These Other Costs? I am Broke

So above is a question we hear all the time from leery potential new clients. Ehline has the answer most unrepresented individuals want to hear. We advance costs and get our fees upon conclusion of the case.

Plus, we comprehend that dealing with the drama, trauma and stress from an uninvited catastrophe are already too much for most poor souls. But never fear, we are a cut above.

ELFPI makes it happen for you with our no recovery no fee promise. Plus, we pay reasonable case advancements. So we loan all reasonable and necessary litigation expenses up front.

This includes fronting costs for things like:

  • Process servers
  • Mediation, etc.

Also, medical and other experts are expensive. So we eat this burden initially. In other words, we are willing to get paid later, after a successful outcome. Also, this one of the reasons we only take on a case that we feel has legal merit.

Beyond that, we go out of our way to serve you. So we want to help you where you are. Therefore, we are available for home or hospital visits.

Noteworthy, we can even send transportation to you. Last, you can come to our offices on our dime, while you are convalescing.

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