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Long Beach Delivery Truck Accident

Delivery Truck Injury Law Firm in Long Beach City

Delivery truck
Long Beach delivery truck

Were you or a family member hurt in an accident with a delivery truck in the City of Long Beach? If so, you may deserve compensation from the driver or other parties who caused or contributed to your accident. ELFPI assists people with Long Beach motor vehicle accidents. So naturally, our world class services include helping with accidents caused by delivery trucks.

Why are You at Risk for Serious Injuries from a Collision with a Long Beach Delivery Truck?

Yes, you better believe you can be hurt by a Long Beach delivery truck. After all, Long Beach is a city of large buildings filled with white-collar workers.

It also maintains sea ports full of cargo containers and hungry workers. Also, the city is also loaded with hotels and attractions for blue and white collar types, as well as tourists.

  • No matter who you are, or where you work in Long Beach, you are gonna run across delivery trucks.

Plus, we all know that the one common denominator everyone deals with is traffic. These vehicles will be shipping and receiving goods, food, and other products all day and night.

Even if you don't have your meals delivered to you, getting to and from eateries for lunch and breaks often means driving or walking. Also, getting around town to pick up supplies, or file and serve documents consumes time. Good luck finding a parking spot, right?

More than anything, this is a valuable time for busy people and businesses. Because of this, we hire delivery companies to ship and receive for us. Statistically, at some point, one of you will have a brush with a delivery truck.

  • Delivery Trucks – What Are They?

Delivery trucks can be many things and do many things. Typically these are light trucks with no more than two axles. But they can be larger.

  • Some are food trucks like "roach coaches." These are rolling kitchens that make food for people on the spot. Pretty much anything a dockworker would need to eat comes on a delivery truck.
  • The bottom line is that virtually any truck used to deliver smaller items and things can be a delivery truck. So picture a flatbed truck, a light pickup truck, or half ton when you think "delivery truck."
  • This is in contrast to big rigs, or 18-wheelers that deliver large amounts of items and goods. These tractors are far less maneuverable, especially when fully laden.

Think of it this way, big rigs drop stuff off at a large yard, or dock in a warehouse type facility. But delivery trucks might take some of those warehoused items and drop them off curbside at liquor stores or smaller markets. So is this making sense so far?

In fact, some of these vehicles are used to deliver:

  • Documents to courts
  • Food to workers
  • Photocopies and paperwork to offices
  • Mail and packages

These smaller, more maneuverable transports ship to just about anyone you can imagine in the city.

  • You will often see UPS and Fedex and even USPS trucks parked at red, or yellow curbs with their hazard lights flashing.
  • These are all considered delivery trucks.

What are Your chances of Being in an Accident With a Delivery Truck?

There are no real accident statistics dealing with delivery truck wrecks. But anecdotally, we know they are plenty. After all, all day and night in Long Beach, just like taxis, these delivery vehicles jet around town regularly. If anyone has noticed, UPS vehicles tend to park on yellow curbs?

  • Delivery trucks stop wherever they can, and rapidly zip in and out of traffic from their standing positions.
  • The law of averages, not just the fact they can present a traffic hazard, says these they are bound to crash at some point.

Bad Working Conditions Contribute to Injuries?

Often the delivery vehicle employees are:

  • Overworked
  • Not getting paid overtime or gas money
  • Sometimes they have to drive fast just to get to their next delivery and potential tip

Employers actually can create conditions that make these accidents more likely. So employers can be liable for creating this dangerous situation.

  • Typical Injuries

Injuries can occur when a vehicle, person or another object is involved in a collision.

Results of mishaps can include:

  • Scrapes
  • Bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Death

But there are also burns and more serious injuries like paralysis and brain injuries that can take place. Our Long Beach delivery truck accident attorneys are knowledgeable about these types of injuries.

We are experts at suing the ones who have the deep pockets to pay you, the victim.

The Right Lawyer Means a Chance at Fair Compensation?

Yes. Choosing the right attorney after a Long Beach delivery truck collision is very important. Getting a good lawyer is how you receive fair compensation. ELFPI's advocates have the knowledge and expertise to protect the rights of delivery accident victims.

ELFPI goes the extra mile to seek money for your emotional, physical, pain and suffering. Contact us now for a free legal consultation at (888) 400-9721.

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