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Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Legal Assistance

The motorcycle lawyers at ELFPI have successfully represented injured riders for years. Long Beach motorcyclists have been happy with their results after hiring us. So below we will discuss Long Beach motorcycle accidents and what makes our firm one of the most exceptional in the LBC.

LBC motorcycle accident.
Police officer responds to Long Beach motorcycle accident scene.

As discussed above, residents and visitors know they can count on us for great results. Our seasoned team works right away to pin down legal responsibility on the defendant.

  • As plaintiff’s lawyers, we immediately review the damages, and work to prove them up.

In this way, we are able to collect reasonable financial settlements quickly. Also, sometimes we collect judgments for clients if the insurer refuses to settle.

  • ELFPI has recovered millions of dollars for satisfied accident victims since 2005. We have proudly helped suffering victims for over a decade.

But alas, motorcycle accidents cannot always be avoided in Long Beach City.

What About Riding Gear – Will That Save You?

Our experience has shown that no amount of riding gear can prevent an injury when you are faced with a head on collision, for example. So the answer is maybe gear can help mitigate road rash, lacerations and other things, but it can’t stop serious injuries or death.

All motorcycle riders know that they can reduce injuries from spills by wearing safety gear. But most of you know that broken bones and brain injuries cannot be prevented by wearing it.

  • YES: Items like helmets, gloves and leathers help mitigate some riding injuries.

What are some other ways to reduce the risk of a Long Beach motorcycle accident?

  • Cyclists can check the Long Beach traffic reports before going out into the elements.
  • But this can only help lessen the chances of injuries and wrecks.

Why is it that Medical Help and Lawyers Are Often Needed after a Long Beach Motorcycle Crash?

Besides getting medical help, there are many things you must do as an accident victims. Medical help is super important because it stabilizes you, and gets you a diagnosis and prognosis.

But it also creates a record of your injury, how it happened and documents it in a medical report. So it's crucial evidence your attorney needs.

Clearly, there are many logical reasons to hire a motorcycle lawyer.

  • Not just any legal counsel will get victims their due, especially in this bustling city.
  • The sad fact is there is a higher likelihood riders will be in truck versus cyclist incidents here.

As discussed, the city has a higher than the average number of large transport vehicles with blind spots. Also, there are expensive deadlines to meet for many truckers.

Looking out for riders and pedestrians is not always the first thing on the commercial shipper’s agenda. Getting a large settlement or verdict will certainly send a message that truckers should be safer, or risk losing a lot of money in liability claims pay outs.

Why is it that Getting Bad Legal Advice Could be Your Waterloo?

As a properly represented motorcycle accident crash victim you are like a proud Corsican general in charge of the armies of France. But getting the wrong legal advice can be your legal Waterloo in a case like this.

Great lawyers will document the injuries and their causal connection to the accident.

  • Spills, impacts, and falls from bikes are different from any other type of roadway accident.

Injurious results are usually many such as:

  • Bad lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Bruising are all potential minor injuries

So these minor injuries are the least of your worries.

  • This is assuming you are not crippled for the rest of your life with a spinal cord injury.

The injured victim needs the proper fortune of excellent representation just to be able to have a fair shot at getting money to afford the new costs of rehabilitation, pain meds, and maybe even in home nursing care.

Why is it that Michael Ehline is Such a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Pro?

Official Banner Veteran Owned biz.
ELFPI is a U.S. Marine veteran operated law corporation.

First of all, Ehline is an honorably discharged USMC veteran. And we just discussed that a person’s selection must be a representative who excels both in and outside of the chambers of justice.

Long Beach residents know that Michael Ehline is that "guy." This is because he specializes in motorcycle riding and the misadventures that can come from riding. Also, he is a motorcyclist who travels through the city as part of his job.

So he is always investigating accident scenes, and riding for recreation.

  • In any event, Michael takes great pride fighting on behalf of fallen riders and their kin.

What are Some of the Many Factors Involved in Long Beach Motorcycle Accidents?

The dynamics of these motorcycle roadway calamities involve many unique factors. There are more issues than are present in other types of vehicle accidents.

Other vehicles are usually far safer for the occupants inside.

  • For example, an enclosed car with seatbelts and airbags offers a cage of protection.
  • Michael knows that unreasonable design or road defects can take a cyclist by surprise.
  • Potholes and uneven pavement fall into this category.

The strokes of bad luck placing you in danger require equally successful good luck in hiring legal advocates. So now you can balance the scales. Thus, you need a lawyer who thoroughly understands how riders think.

Your attorney must also understand the mechanics of these motorized bicycles. That is Michael Ehline. Ehline can make it happen for you for sure!

How Else is Ehline Law Firm LBC is Different?

Ehline Law Firm is local to all of you in Long Beach City. This happy firm specializes in these types of claims.

  • We are not just lawyers, we also ride.
  • We know all about sports and super bikes.
  • Some less qualified representatives do not even ride motorcycles.
  • They too become influenced by the police and cultural bias against bikers.

Hence, the way these lawyers represent you can severely reduce your financial reward. Michael’s team at the firm have the expertise hurt riders need.

We are into liberty and freedom just like you. We don’t buy into all the propaganda and statism.

In fact, our staff has gained huge awards for our past clients’ motor vehicle accidents. Most importantly, we want to add your name to our list of success.

What are Some Steps Ehline Law Takes in Long Beach Motorcycle-Negligence Claims?

After a debacle like this, Ehline Law has steps it takes to formulate the injured rider’s claim.

They leave no stone un-turned including:

  • Contacting the insurance companies involved to obtain vital coverage information. This can help determine the benefits available to atone the harmed rider.
  • ELFPI makes appointments and often interviews witnesses to the crash.
  • Photographs will be taken of injuries, property damage to the bike and personal clothing.
  • The casualty scene is also photographed.
  • When necessary, expert reconstruction of the accident is conducted.
  • Expert or reconstruction engineer statements or testimony will be also used when necessary.

These are only some of the procedures the Ehline Law attorneys will take. We take time and pride in preparing your claim. So we use all of these precautions and investigative methods to make it happen for you.

How Do You Determine the Case Value of Your Motorcycle Wreck?

This involves several factors, including:

  • The Payment of all medical bills and future medical costs.
  • Payment of lost wages, including overtime and other benefits, plus the possible loss of future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering compensation. This does not have a formula to follow. Prove ups rely on the experience of the motorcycle accident attorney.
  • Your compensation can include lasting symptoms, permanent disability, and scarring.
  • Damage to the bike, helmet, gloves and other personal items also must be paid back.

IMPORTANT: Ehline Law Firm says injured underdogs shouldn’t speak with the insurance company. You must instead consult confidentially with a lawyer. You do have an obligation to speak with your own or another insurance company with no lawyer.

Never speak with the insurance companies of the other drivers involved in your collision unless represented by counsel! Huge mistake!

  • While unrepresented, the other driver’s insurance will argue your claim is worthless.
  • These Cretans will try to place blame or partial blame on the injured victim.
  • Insurers will push duped victims like you into an inconvenient, unfair settlement.
  • Insurance companies fear us because we give our clients the right advice right off the bat.
  • We help the downtrodden preserve their rights to money damages.
  • Our compassionate representatives will act as their aggressive legal ambassadors for you.

What is Some of the Long Beach Motorcycle Accident Statistical Data?

There is not a lot of public data compressed into a score for Long Beach dealing with motorcycle accidents. But we have compiled examples of how riders are in danger in this city.

  • Examples of recent deaths from riding include a dead woman passenger thrown from a motorcycle. The bike slammed into a wall. This threw her and the rider off the Gerald Desmond Bridge. The 2003 Suzuki was speeding east over the bridge. This was in the dangerous Port of Long Beach complex area. This is just one example. Biker Down Alerts on Facebook has real time updates about crashes here.

What Does The NHTSA Data Say About Motorcycle Wrecks?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiles nationwide motorcycle fatalities data for California. But it’s not broken down by cities.

  • We do know from anecdotal data these accidents increased in Long Beach.
  • Our assumption is also buttressed the NHTSA official stats.

For California, the figures demonstrate the increase in death and injuries is from more motorcycles on the road.

But this is not the only reason.

The types of bikes ridden seem to make a difference too.

  • Modernly, these bikes will have larger CC motors.
  • These older novice riders tend to buy noisy Harley’s.
  • Also, they are usually professionals like doctors or lawyers trying to maintain that alpha dog image.

It seems to be a midlife crisis of sorts driving newly purchased bikes.

Also, people with nothing to lose and no insurance tend to ride while intoxicated and speed. To top it off, we know that police tend to blame the biker, even if it’s not their fault. So statistics themselves may never be accurate.

How Long Does it Take to Settle A Long Beach Motorcycle Catastrophe Claim?

Each traffic related misfortune is different. Some cases settle quickly, while others take a longer amount of time. Wounds need to stabilize in order to place a value on the injuries.

For example, some people will have multiple fractures on both legs and arms. This is often accompanied by major head trauma. Tests and therapy must take place before you know how much it's gonna cost.

Hiring the Long Beach-based Ehline Law Firm allows the victim to concentrate on healing. Then, their motorcycle accident attorney handles all the complexities of the legal claim.



When motorcyclists suffer serious physical injuries or economic loss, this means they are damaged. Legal representation by counsel that specializes in accidents is proven to get the afflicted victim a higher payout. To consult with one of the advocates at ELFPI call (562) 731-0668.

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