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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

US DOT and Michael Ehline - Los Angeles car accident lawyer.
Ehline attends the U.S. traffic safety hearings. They are making traffic and surface streets safer for commuters and pedestrians.

Hundreds of thousands of people riding in cars get into car crashes every year in Greater Los Angeles, California. But only the most fortunate car accident victims tend to remain unscathed and with only minor vehicle damage.

But sadly, lots of folks weren't so lucky and were hurt. Whether you were in a Los Angeles car accident yesterday, or you lost a loved one in a crash last year, you will need legal help. The goal of Ehline Law is to hold those who caused your wreck liable for your injuries or fatal losses.

Our superior, aggressive attorneys have helped thousands of people in collisions like you obtain sizeable monetary settlement and jury awards. Here you'll learn more about us. But first, let's go over a few definitions to help you understand ok.?

What’s a Car Accident?

A car accident is a crash involving an automobile versus a fixed or moving object. So for example, these objects could be power-poles, buildings, pedestrians. But usually, these objects are other motor vehicles. Many factors can increase the risk of a collision.

These can include wet weather (rain, hail, or snow), or other road hazards (objects blocking roadways, poor road maintenance, potholes, etc.).

As a result, motor vehicle accidents can range from minor to major. However, the common thing is all collisions can cause injuries. And sometimes these mishaps kill. So if you find yourself in a traffic accident, you must take care of yourself. Likewise, you must fight against it having a negative impact on your lifestyle. In part of doing so, hiring a car accident specialist attorney is a significant first step.

Car Accident Client Testimonials

  • Satisfied Client

    Great Result!

    Client Testimonial

    This guy is Gung Ho. He called me and gave me regular updates, he guided my medical recovery.

  • Car Accident

    I’m Really Glad


    I got in my very first car accident in my life and was seriously injured. I will just say it was a very stressful time in my life.

    Car Accident Settlement Results

    • Seatbelt Failure Settlement

      Seatbelt Failure in car accident fatality case.

      Car accident seatbelt failure.

      Doe v. Automaker
      Seatbelt failure death case.

    • Car hits motorcyclist case

      Motorcycle Accident

      Car versus motorcycle rider in LA. Spinal cord injuries.

      Doe v. Doe
      Confidential Settlement.

    • Truck crash

      Truck Crash Case

      Trucking accident settlement.

      Widow v. Insurance
      Truck accident.

    • Defective safety barriers case

      Wrongful Death

      Improper safety barriers wrongful death.

      Heir v. State of California
      Death from improper safety barriers

      Top Car Accident Attorney Service

      An automobile accident attorney helps injury victims get money when another party is at fault. So these experts help get victims back on track to their healthy lifestyle. They do so by seeking the proper amount of compensation. Ehline has a vast record of success for winning these cases as follows:

      What are the Benefits of hiring Ehline Law as Your Accident Attorney?

      Our accident attorneys are well versed in PI Law. They have worked countless cases specializing in how to get you the most compensation. They know what you need, and they know how to get it.

      What else makes us so different?

      • Personal Injury Win - VerdictFor one, we are careful concerning the cases we take. We only take cases that meet a certain value threshold. So this means that we can afford to give your claims file one on one care. You deserve attention and personalized legal service. Excellent service is our hallmark. Because of this, we produce a constant stream of above average results. We’re a small boutique Los Angeles firm with significant effects. But this is only part of what sets us apart.

      We Focus on You!

      • Personal Injury Win - VerdictPost accident, we focus solely on getting you, the victim, your due payment. We strive on keeping our clients in the loop. And we listen to your concerns with great interest. Also, we offer the comfort of constant feedback following your accident.

      In particular, we answer your related questions in a timely fashion by utilizing several different forms of communication (email, telephone, in person, etc.). Not only do we care about your case’s progress, but also your progress with any physical therapy or pain management.

      • Personal Injury Win - VerdictAs soon as you call, we will go over the different courses of action and clarify possible ways we can help. Our service includes finding you the right physician and/or therapist and of course, giving you the highest quality of legal guidance. Also, our no-obligation phone consult comes free of charge. It is vital that our lawyers understand your case.

      You feeling rushed for time to avoid costs is not the way to start. So we let you heal up while we find the party who is a fault. Above all, we make sure those who breach their “social contract” of driving safely pay for your damages.

      Evidence Gathering

      • Personal Injury Win - VerdictWe can interview witnesses, gather photographs and measurements at the crash site — even, the design of a car, its traveling speed and the skill of the driver all matter. ELFPI also evaluates road conditions and the surrounding environment to determine to who to sue. We dig in deep and look at people’s habits and past conduct.

      Every little detail plays its role in your case. So our lawyers make sure to do the proper research to make that winning argument. We can also prepare affidavits for you to sign. These are all essential steps we take to build compelling evidence to win your case.

      Great accident lawyers will work your case file and will work out a much larger payout than you could negotiate yourself. People with no lawyers receive no respect from bad adjusters and will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

      Often victims try to represent themselves in the court of law. They believe they can get the most money by cutting out an attorney’s fee. However, studies prove that car accident victims with legal help get the most money.

      Car Accident Law Videos

      Seeking a Skilled Car Crash Lawyer?

      When to hire an attorney is an essential first step. The sooner, the better. But who to hire for your collision is simple. Ehline Law Firm specializes in motor vehicle accidents. Plus we help with many other personal injury incidents. Our staff of attorneys work solely for the injured plaintiffs and utilize the tort law system to get victims paid.

      Are ELFPI Experts in Negligence Law?

      Yes, And for a good reason:

      • The substantive law for all motor vehicle accident cases we help with is called “Negligence Law.” In other words, if drivers breach their duty of reasonable care and cause a crash, they are responsible for paying for your damages. Mostly, damages include your car repairs, bodily injuries, and other harm that impacts your day to day life.

      But it goes without saying that the amount of monetary funds you win depends mainly on the attorney you hire.

      Proven Track Record?

      Established in 2005 Ehline’s trial lawyers have a proven track record of wins. Of particular interest, since opening our doors, thousands of motoring accident victims have hired us.  Also, whether it is a simple or complex case, our record speaks for itself.

      Above all, we win for people in all walks of life with all types of injuries. And we have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements to back up that statement. Also, to make it easy, we offer a 24 Hour Accident Attorney Hotline to steer you in the right direction. Ehline Law Firm will put your fears to rest. So in your time of need, we can give you our professional opinion on how to succeed toll-free.

      We Help Rich and Poor Alike

      Rich or poor, we are all human beings who deserve respect. We give you the respect you deserve and the peace of mind that you will be ok. We face your case with an unbiased, matter of fact point of view. And this is all a part of our winning formula for success. Most of all, we know that rehab and rest are critical.

      • For instance, we understand you may not be able to travel. So we will come to you.
      • You might have missed work and be running behind on bills. That is why we are here to help.

      ELFPI wants all of our clients to rise above and reclaim their life back. So we promise to use our elan and esprit de corps to motivate depressed victims. Plus we work to show you the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what, our lawyers' goal is to get you paid for your bills, pain, and suffering. 

      More Q&A About Car Accidents in Los Angeles

      How Much is My Car Accident Worth?

      Traffic collisions cause many injuries to people and other animals. These include property damage, death, and permanent disabilities. Unfortunately, there is no way to value a car accident case until all the facts are available. (Learn More.)

      Can I Get Three Times $ My Medical Bills?

      The three times the medical bill formula is no longer used as a hard and fast rule in a car accident case. Gory pictures of terrible scars tend to increase these damages quite a bit.

      Because of this, courts make it hard to introduce gruesome pictures into evidence. But the risks of it getting placed into evidence make many adjusters want to settle quicker. Many times they pay out for a larger number. (Learn More.)

      Will Your Rates Go Up If You Make an Accident Claim?

      A personal injury is defined to include a wide swath of legal issues. Typically, when an accident happens, someone gets hurt somehow. Most of the time these matters will require legal help from an injury lawyer. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC represent innocent tort victims in Greater Los Angeles, and across the Golden State.

      So the bottom line is that plaintiffs anywhere in California know they can count on us in their eternal pursuit of a just outcome for an accident that was not their fault. (Learn More.)

      How Do You Prove Who's at Fault in a Car Accident?

      Previously we discussed proving liability in a typical personal injury case. Here will discuss specifically how to prove fault in a car accident using case law and legal principles specific to traffic accidents.

      Most injury victims filing lawsuits over car accident negligence are entitled to recover damages for injuries. So this includes the person called a plaintiff. But the plaintiff has the burden to show that the defendant or defendants– the driver that caused the accident was negligent. (Learn More.)

      What are the Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics?

      Many commuters have become injured in severe accidents all over California. Some have passed away. In fact, on average, every 40 or so hours, one person is killed in a Los Angeles traffic collision.

      In fact, traffic wrecks are the number 3 cause of deaths and injuries in Los Angeles to this day. These wrecks include crashes on dilapidated California bridges or overhangs for example.

      Other victims suffered harm driving on highways, and roadways. Many of these wrecks take place on the I-10 Freeway or I-105 Freeway. (Learn More.)

      Important CA Car Accident Laws

      Car accident laws found in the Vehicle Code, and negligence laws based upon common sense are designed to prevent car accidents and to redress car accident victims.

      Also, they do not prevent bringing an injury claim for recovery of damages in spite of potential criminal penalties against a defendant. Below we discuss some important laws and principles, accident avoidance and where to go for legal help if you're in a pickle. (Learn More.)

      What Is Negligent Entrustment?

      Negligent entrustment occurs when a party entrust their own property like a car, for example, to a person known by the loaner to be a danger to himself or others when using that property. Negligent entrustment attorneys are the legal professionals that handle these particular types of lawsuits. Basically, these are cases that involve the owners consigning certain types of property. (Learn More.)

      Taxi Cab Injury Attorney Help

      No doubt taxi cabs are an essential part of modern transportation. Taxis are in demand in California's crowded beach areas. But cabs are also famous in the main metropolitans. So in cities such as Downtown LA, cabs, Uber and DASH buses are in demand. Also, in high demand are specialty transports. (Learn More.)

      Uber Accident Attorney

      Uber is one of the most controversial ride-sharing companies in the nation. Uber drivers caused many accidents across the country, especially in California. Also, many politicians banned the use of the service in their areas due to safety and legal concerns. (Learn More.)


      Lyft Accident Attorneys

      If you suffer harm because of Los Angeles Lyft car accident, you need answers. Our award-winning advocates possess vast experience in helping consumers just like you.

      Here, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys discuss getting you financial compensation. It covers terrible accidents involving the ride-sharing programs such as Lyft. Last, we consider who to hire to assist you with a claim. (Learn More.)

      What Types of Car Accident Injuries Do We Help With?

      The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says per year, at least two million people suffer in car wrecks. In particular, many crashes happen right here in Los Angeles County. And sadly, the injuries can range from dominant to minor.

      • Scrapes
      • Scratches
      • Bruising
      • Friction Burns
      • Cuts
      • Broken or Bloodied Noses
      • Whiplash
      • Migraines
      • Hairline Fractures
      • Aching Joints
      • Edema and Swollen Joints
      • Facet Joint Syndrome
      • Open cuts and wound needing stitches
      • Compound fractures. Things like broken femurs, broken ankles, or a cracked pelvis
      • Hemorrhaging
      • Slipped Disk
      • Cracked ribs
      • Deflated or collapsed lungs
      • Cracked or fractured skulls
      • Mild Traumatic and Traumatic Brain Injuries
      • Missing Digits like amputation of a fingertip, nose, ear, or foot
      • Fast demise or death of a close family member or loved one

      After that collision, even seemingly minor injuries can conflate into life-threatening conditions. So for this reason, even if you feel fine post impact, you must get stabilized. You must seek care to rule out permanent injuries.

      As noted above, failure to get to the E.R. right away can leave your case flailing in the wind. So don't waste time.

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