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Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney

A brain injury is a catastrophic injury to brain matter. Although it could be complicated by nerve and other injuries, it directly involves the brain itself. Even with modern surgical advances and therapy, hope remains grim for a normal life once injured.

Many victims don't recover ever. But the successful Ehline Law Firm's trial attorneys can restore faith for a better future. Our brain injury attorneys help level the playing field as you convalesce. Ehline's attorneys have assisted many satisfied clients. And they have recovered millions of dollars for injury victims.

This law firm has won landmark results for consumers. And these attorneys deliver first class service. Last but not least, they have the financial resources to fund cases. That means they have what it takes to win any brain trauma case.

What Does a Brain Injury Lawyer Do?

What exactly do brain injury lawyers do? Why not just hire a regular personal injury lawyer? Well, first, you need to understand how specialized this area of law has become. A head injury, as we have seen in the recent NFL cases here, can even lead to suicide. This assumes you are not already in a vegetative state that prevents you from taking your life. Our

Our brain injury lawyers wield influence in California and DC. And our long list of achievements is second to none. Down on their luck accident, victims felt safe choosing us. The reasons why people choose us are discussed below.

  • Turning Lemons Into Lemonade - Masters of Disasters.
First and foremost, our partners are famous for turning lemons into lemonade. We are true technicians. Our fame comes in part from taking on the toughest cases and winning. For instance, you may have signed a waiver. These are common in bounce house affairs, or sports. Many lawyers surrender right then and there. But you could have a case! Ehline has stolen victory from the jaws of defeat in many tough cases. So grab that phone and call (213) 596-9642. Find out for yourself why we are the "Masters of Disasters."

We Help People Hurt By No Fault of their Own.

Our brain injury attorneys get victims money for brain injuries. Mishaps are things like accidents. But these are accidents that would only happen if someone was negligent. For example, did you suffer a head injury? Was it from a car accident? Or maybe an infection such as meningitis befell you?

Maybe a disease outbreak took place at your local hospital. Maybe it was a compounding pharmacy that ignored hygiene. Or was it a physical ailment from chemical exposure?

For example, strokes from exposure to workplace chemicals come to mind. Perhaps that resulted in permanent brain damage? A TBI or MTBI caused by the fault of someone's negligence. But how do we determine fault?

These are the questions tort lawyers seek to answer. In fact, some victims can develop cancers and tumors. Any harm to the brain remains bad.

Your Brain - the Most Important Organ You Have.

Above all, the human brain is the most vital bodily organ. Brains remain essential to permanent cognitive function. Also, your brain maintains normal human emotions. Some victims can no longer cry. Still, others cry uncontrollably. Without a healthy brain, you can't even perform daily tasks.
How Does Brain Damage Effect Bodily Functions?
Vulnerable organ damage can mean disability. Things taken for granted now prove impossible. Even a non-traumatic brain injury can cause lifetime problems. In other words, harm may come to your balance, breathing, and restful sleep. Functions like typing, smelling, seeing, and hearing could all be thrown off kilter.

Even being able to taste may no longer be possible. You may not even be able to control when you pee. That could mean using bladder bag or adult diapers for life. Besides being inconvenient, the medical costs soar.

Usually, brain injured victims remain unable to work. So likely the victim will have tremendous stress from a pile of unpaid bills. Damaged biological and physiological processes can wreak havoc.

Families routinely suffer under the weight of brain injuries. For example, behavior and function problems could harm cordial relations.

Brain Injury Verdicts & Settlements.

  • Cosham v. City and County of Los Angeles. $1,900,000. This was a vehicle rollover case involving head and neck injuries. These led to wrongful death in Los Angeles County. A Rover truck rolled down a steep embankment. This crushed the roof and heads of the occupants.
  • Silva v. LAMTA. $850,000. A disabled man was struck in the head by an LAMTCA train's rear view mirror. He had been standing on the train platform. He passed away. A dispute in liability existed, yet Ehline pulled it off.
  • Pineda vs. Anderson, et al. $365,000.00. (combined policy limits). Patrick Pineda suffered a traumatic brain injury. This included a subdural hematoma. Residual cognitive and behavioral impairment was also present.

    It was a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury case. Defendants had no real assets and little coverage. Post-concussive syndrome was also at issue. Ehline was able to exhaust the policy limits. This was a contentious case. (Other Results).

Brain Injury Lawyers Help Victims Get Compensation.

So, in the end, you may want to speak to an L.A. brain injury attorney. That way you can understand your potential legal options as a victim. Some clients here received multi-million dollar settlements and wins in court. And we have helped many victims win money. Most of them sustained injuries in auto accidents.

Others suffer in terrible catastrophes like motorcycle wrecks. There are a lot of lawyers out there. But who do you call when you don't want to be treated like a file?

What separates these brain injury attorneys from the pack are two main things:

  1. We treat clients like friends,
  2. Our partners and staff are brilliant legal tacticians.
Vigorous case management and compassion towards clients assure a solid case foundation. These lawyers know how to plan and execute a substantial and favorable outcome for plaintiffs. Down on your luck after a brain injury? Let our firm raise your spirits and confidence. Maybe let us help get your life back on track too?

X ray of brain injury.
Brain X-rays.

Brain Injury Causing Accidents.

Accidents and similarly shocking events may cause intense brain injuries. They can devastate the lives of families. At times, head impacts and related diseases cause infections. That causes these injuries to remain permanent.

Most of all, these can result in lifetime negative health issues. Because of this type of harm, doctors may diagnose cognitive impairment. These healers see these symptoms in traumatic or mild traumatic brain injuries. On occasion, these injuries arose from illegal criminal behavior. Other times they were purely by mistake.

In many cases, victims are left unable to perform everyday tasks. Either way, families need to know their brain injury rights after an accident. Our attorneys explain all of this in detail during our first free meeting.

Pain and the Brain.

Extreme pain remains a fact of life associated brain injuries. And in most cases, head wounds could have been mitigated or prevented. Most of the time someone was reckless or negligent. Our local Orange County and Los Angeles head injury lawyers help the victims. And most of these arise from devastating yet preventable events.

What are the Brain Injury Statistics?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics are shocking. Stats show no less than 1.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. At least 235,000 of those victims require hospital care. Traffic accidents are responsible for 14.3% of TBIs. In fact, slips and fall remain 40.5 % of TBIs. Striking injuries cause 15.5% of TBIs

Also, 50,000 people will die from head injuries each year. The majority of these cases remain slips, falls and vehicle wrecks.

ome people are diagnosed with so-called "non-traumatic brain injuries." Approximately two percent of the U.S. gets hit with some form of brain injury yearly. This equates to maybe 5.3 million people each year. These poor souls will require long-term assistance. In fact, this stays true for even the most menial of tasks.

Even going potty is hard for many. People need compensation to pay for the grief and inconvenience. In other words, victims need a champion to represent their legal case. That is precisely what the Los Angeles head injury lawyers at our firm is. Our brain injury attorneys go the extra mile to hold those accountable for your future care and suffering.

What do the common causes of brain injuries include?

  • Stroke-Heart Attack.
  • Smashed Skull.
  • Gunshot Wounds.
  • Oxygen Deprivation. (Drowning, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, etc.).
  • Sports Injuries like Football, Golf, Soccer Head Strikes and Impacts.
  • Hit in the Head by a Defective Car Part.
  • Wrongful Death.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome.
  • Skull Fracture from Bicycle and Motor Cycle Accidents.
  • Recreational and Amusement Park Ride Accidents.
  • Other Blunt Force Head Trauma From Forceful Collisions.
  • Birthing Related Injury/Medical Malpractice.
  • Lesions, Bleeding and Lesions From Assault and Battery. (Trauma to the Head from Shaking, Slamming or Punching.).
Many of these injuries will need around-the-clock care. What Ehline does is assure clients get to the right physician. Getting a good doctor helps avoid medical malpractice. So it is always nice to get a referral.

Importance of Researching Your Brain Injury Lawyer.

The pivotal factor in discovering a top-notch brain injury lawyer is homework. So go online and look at their record of success. Click on the client and peer reviews. Also, see if they have some big wins.

It is one thing to talk the talk, but does this lawyer also walk the walk? Winning big, follow through, and pride in their practice. These remain dependable indicators of how a head injury attorney may perform.

Ehline Law Firm has won many amazing insurance and court claims. We have done so in thousands of cases as members of the bar. As a result, we have amassed an impressive achievement rate. Let us put that to work for your case.

Our Formula for Success in a Brain Injury Case is Competence.

A leading factor in our striking victories is our passionate, competent team members. Also, we remain careful with our case selection process. Last, we make our money off the cases we don’t take. In other words our company does extensive fact finding. We delve into the merits and integrity of the potential case.

Because of this, we know the client and the facts prior to signing the case. Ambulance chasing remains outside the scope of what we do here.

Ehline Law Firm's Rigorous Case Selection Process Sets Us Apart.

In opposite, we are highly selective. We want the cream of the crop as part of our client case load. So we closely look at witness reports, and medical files. And we also investigate the evidence. As a result, we understand legal framework of a potential lawsuit, including the defenses.

That helps us prepare for a lengthy trial, and find the right jury instructions. All of this pins down theories of liability. And ultimately, this could lead to a huge settlement on the courthouse steps.

So clients can rest assured that if we take on a case, it will be meritorious. Also, they know it will be handled with the precision of a brain surgeon. Because of this, our lawyers salute and uphold the law. Therefore, we do everything above board.

Also, we keep you in the loop and make it happen for you, do or die. So we give you confidence that you have a gladiator in your corner. Clients know they have a champion who stands for the little guy and prevails, in upset following the upset.

Head Trauma Causes Serious Brain Injuries and Death.

Without going into detail, impact and trauma to your skull and neck can be severe. Clinically described conditions may befall victims. You could suffer a subdermal hematoma, concussion, swelling and water on the brain. Also, some victims face hemorrhage and intracranial pressure. This may be coupled with swelling. This could become global hypoxia, anoxic or hypoxic brain injury. (See below).

But there are also many other types of problems such as loss of mental ability. And these can interfere with a patient's faculty of reason. Also, things like feelings, thoughts and analysis factors become upset. Afterward, the injury-producing event could lead to a coma.

For this reason, a persistent vegetative state could lead survivors to the courthouse steps. In fact, it may give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Knowing the Human Brain.

Many aspects of a brain injury claim must be determined as follows:

  • Human Brain Injury Anatomy.
  • Skull Fractures.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI).
  • Concussions and Contusions.
  • Anoxic Brain Injuries.
  • Contrecoup.
  • Subdural Hematoma.
  • Epidural Hematoma. (Dealing with brain mechanism of injury and types).
  • Intracerebral Hemorrhage.

Brain Injury Medical Care Facts.

Acute brain injury could remain life long. The traumatology may include PTSD and other complications. So it may require at home nursing care, gadgets and devices to assist the person in his medical treatment. As a result, it may require life-long medication.

Most of all, our Los Angeles and Orange County brain injury attorneys have vast legal experience in brain injury lawsuits. First and foremost, our lawyers specialize in helping the victim manage his or her care. Therefore, we take steps to help mitigate injuries and maximize the total compensatory award of special and general damages.

Importance of Day in the Life Journals.

A victim should keep a day in the life journal, or “diary.” And they should be documenting their day to day struggles with memory loss, pain, etc. Also, vigorous case management like this maximizes potential economic recovery.

So for it to be proper, it needs to look at the given circumstances of each instance. Last, our job is to present your case to the insurance adjuster, or judge, in a light most favorable to you.

Getting Monetary Compensation For a Brain Injury Victim.

For now, monetary remains the sole vehicle we have to cover people. Money helps you cope with life-altering, permanent head trauma. Ehline Law goes the extra mile and deals the top experts in the industry.

Also, we seek money damages for your future transportation and full-time nursing care. This includes seeking monies for nursing facilities. Also, many head injury victims will need money for ongoing therapy.

Our Brain Injury Experts Will Help Get You Every Dime.

Our attorneys understand the nuances of brain injuries. Most of all, quality of life is destroyed. And that is a valuable thing to lose. Since it has value, a price tag can be added. But that requires research by qualified experts.

And that is why we hire the best nursing and other experts. We focus the future losses and life care planning. Experts will document issues with day in the life videos as well.

And our firm makes sure you have best lawyers, medical and economic experts. A practitioner or researcher like a psychologist may be hired. These experts help classify any social, behavioral, or cognitive science. Also, experts like life care planners and other specialists will be hired. These pros help build a lifetime actuarial table.

So we map out the anticipated and existent health problems over a person's life. And that helps the injury lawyers maximize the case value. These are veterans who will assist you in evaluating the lifetime care plan. The goal is future reimbursement for things like prescription drugs, doctors.

These are some of the many ways we build your case's value. We do the needful to assure you a large pile of money. Ehline fights to do all of this for you.

Identifying Potential Defendants.

We're looking out for everyone who was negligent and liable. Anyone involved is a potential defendant. So they could all be on the hook for your brain damages and other injuries.

Negligence and Lack of Intent - Potential Brain Injury Defendants are Liable Parties.

So whether they acted with malicious intent remains irrelevant. And even if it was a poorly made or designed defective product we can help seek money from the manufacturer.

Also, the defendant may have made existing injuries worse. For example, say a nurse or caregiver prescribes an unfortunate course of care or treatment. It could be that a defendant is liable for subsequent medical malpractice.

And other persons could be insured too. What Ehline does is find every policy at risk. We don't stop until we have searched high and low.

  • Rainmakers Make Better Lawyers.
If someone has insurance, there is possibly money somewhere to cover. But you must have a great attorney. First of all, insurance companies fight to pay you as little as possible. But a motivated lawyer seeks to obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf. Having the right advocate who is a “rainmaker,” means maximizing the final sum.

Also, because the science involved in serious brain injuries is constantly evolving, you need to retain lawyers who have extensive experience in this field of law and science. Also, these cases will typically require psychological testing. And this must be done by the best medical experts in the field. So if need be, we exhaust your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Afterward, we can go to trial.

Also, if we do so, the defendants’ personal assets become exposed. In rare cases, we can seek an assignment of an insurance bad faith claim. And these remain only a few ways we maximize your payout even further.

Getting Help in a Brain Injury Case.

Most noteworthy, our dominating results are self-evident. Our successes include millions in verdicts and settlements.

One case involved a verdict in a motorcycle incident. The rider had permanent memory problems. He was diagnosed with psychological problems upon disability. He was in a crash with a passenger car.

World Famous Injury Lawyers.

We are world famous, and recognized by both friend and foe, as competent and caring lawyers. We have achieved record verdicts for long-term, medically disabled clients. Our brain injury achievements include a $1,900,000 outcome for a family who lost a daughter due to a head crush wound.

That case involved a vehicle rollover. Our lawyers have repeatedly been awarded for excellence by trial and consumer attorneys. Accolades to our staff and partners include Hollywood Weekly Attorney of the Year and Best Lawyers in America and nominations.

We were also voted trial lawyer of the year by Personal Injury Warriors International. Our team members blog regularly, speak and write as featured guests for CLA Disability Law. They are active in many other peer organizations. Our brain injury lawyers help victims in Santa Monica, Riverside, San Bernardino, and across the Golden State.

Our lawyers offer help so you and your family can cope. Brain injury consumer legal assistance means going the extra mile. Accordingly, we fight to get you money for things like lifetime care. We are ready for the challenges of your brain damage lawsuit. And we can handle any insurance claims involving the brain. All injury cases are on a no win no fee basis. And we advance all reasonable costs.

Contact us by sending an e-mail. Get a free consultation from a real brain injury lawyer now. Get the best help for your skull fracture, or brain damage. Reach the attorney hotline at (123) 596-9642.

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