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LA Area Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Image of attacking dog.
German Shepard on the attack.

The dog bite injury lawyers in Los Angeles at Ehline Law Firm have successfully recovered over $30,000,000 for happy clients in California State. Thus, this is great news for people in need of legal representation here. But beware, Los Angeles is well known for tragic accidents and dog assaults of all types.

But regardless of this fact, people still flock continuously to this attractive destination. There are a lot of leashed and unleashed dogs at large roaming about places like Venice Beach and Santa Monica, California.

Due in part to the high number of loose animals roaming the city, Santa Monica even dedicated its own animal control unit. When you get bitten, your case will likely need personal injury lawyer help.

Quick Reference:

Did You Know Most Dog Attacks are Against Children? 

Dog Attack at Dog Beach-Goldenwest Street HB
A Rottweiler Attack is always possible.

Yes it's true. Most dog bite injuries happen to children under ten years old. Of those, over 70% of children under ten get dog bites to the face and head area. Recently, we have seen a rash of rash of dog attacks involving Pit Bull dogs.

Some people buy pits, for example, to look “tough.” But these are animals originally bred to kill fighting bulls in a pit. These dogs require excellent supervision and training to reign in their instincts.

But even attacks by a small dog could cause serious laceration injuries to adults and kids alike.

Did You Know Most Assaults By Dogs Happen at Home?

Skating with dog on a leash in Venice, CA
Skating with dog on a leash in Venice, CA

Dog attacks are common in the United States. Statistical data shows:

  • Damage estimates of over $2 billion dollars a year.
  • At least 61% of these dog attacks happen in the dog owner’s own home, or immediate neighborhoods.
  • It’s common that even familiar dogs will attack, especially if they are not considered a danger.

Important: Many don’t want to have to sue their friends and neighbors, or understand the law as it relates to dogs in general. But who will pay for your severe injuries and medical bills?  

  • The Home Owner's Insurance often covers much of your destruction. But even then, sometimes this coverage can fall short. 
  • A true friend would't leave you stuck with bills from their animal attacking you right?
  • Call ELFPI if you're fed up and need a resourceful and aggressive lawyer.

California has one great law that helps dog bite victims get compensated for their injuries. 

The Dog-Bite Statute

California Civil Code Section 3342

The conventional “one bite” rule does not hold sway in California courts. So in other states, the attack victim must prove the dog was known to be dangerous. Thus, if a dog had bitten another person, the dog is dangerous and the owner can be sued. But the California legislature felt this was an unfair rule.

Thus, the Golden State has a dog bite statute for personal injury cases when canines assault people. When individuals fail to exercise due care in looking after their injury causing dog, they may be held liable.

The dog bite statute is found at California Civil Code Section 3342. Because of this, the injured person no longer has to show the dog was dangerous. Most important, this means almost zero defenses are available to the controller of the attacking dog.

Under California Civil Code Section 3342, a dog owner is almost always liable for injuries when a dog bites a human being.

Are There Exceptions To Dog Bite Strict Liability?

Even though it is “strict” liability, it really is not strict in the true sense. The primary exception is when a biting police dog attacks. So long as it was in the performance of official law enforcement duties, they get a pass.

Even then, it is possible for the cops to exceed the reasonable use of force and be liable to suit. There are other exceptions such as when a person deliberately taunts or tries to injure the animal.

There are a few more California laws about attacking dogs that can be found here. Most important for this conversation is when liability attaches to make the owner pay.

Under the statute, if a person gets bitten while lawfully on private land, or a public place liability will attach. Thus, liability almost always attaches, so long as the injuries were foreseeable.

What About Multiple Defendants?

Another reason to stay away from PI law mills is that they may not track down other parties with money to pay. Other individuals and business could be liable to pay a portion of your damages.

Sometimes it was their actions that caused or contributed to the injury. Someone other than the owner may have had control over the animal. Therefore, potential defendants could include a pet store washing a pet that bites an employee. It could even include a dog walking agency. You just don’t know till you investigate.

What is the Dog Bite Statute of Time Limitations?

In California, you have to abide by a two-year statute of limitations to sue a private actor. Traditionally you only had one year to sue. But that rule was changed to give a victim additional time.

As mentioned, the statutes can change when a state actor is a defendant. But you may only have six months to sue a police canine unit. If you blow the statute, you give up your rights to get money damages.

But if you do things right, the law often mandates the dog owner to pay. This payment would be in the form of special and general damages to the dog bite victim.

Important Steps to Take – Outcome of Dog Attacks

A person bitten by a dog should:

  • Immediately go the hospital;
  • File a police report;
  • Take pictures of the dog bite injury;
  • Consult with aggressive counsel immediately after the animal attack.

What About Unleashed Dogs and the Outcomes?

A dog bite by an unleashed dog can cause a severed artery, or even coma or death. A nip or chomp by a loose dog is also a known cause of psychological & emotional distress. We have sued business owners and won for them allowing dangerous dogs at large on the premises.

So we have held the negligent dog owners liable and we want to do that for you. No one should get bitten by an unleashed or inherently dangerous dog.

Great lawyers identify potential insurance coverage that may be available. At the Ehline Law Firm, if necessary, we will get your child the best expert witnesses, if we can’t settle.

Having experts up front strengthens the case for trial. It sends a message that we are ready for battle. We are not afraid to try cases either.

Elderly citizens can be easy victims for a dog attack. Rabid and wild dogs can sense weakness and fear.

Elders are Not Immune from Dog Attacks Either.

Seniors are less able to defend themselves. They may emit the smell of fear upon seeing a scary looking animal. Dogs can detect these smells. Their noses are much more sensitive to olfactory conditions.

Dogs view fear scent as an impending attack on the dog. So dogs often attack humans who are simply scared and no threat to the animal.

You or your child may have suffered severe emotional distress. Most parents also become nervous when their child suffers a dog bite or animal attack. It is important to retain attorneys who can separate emotion. You need calculated counsel who can proceed with calm efficiency.

How To Ensure You Hire a Great Santa Monica Injury Lawyer.

Who do you hire to help out after one of these terrible things takes place? First, you have to rule out certain factors about who to hire. You need expert legal assistance with knowledge of the Santa Monica court system obviously.

  • Don’t Hire a “Personal Injury Mill”

A lot of lawyers have a reputation for treating clients like a case file “mill.” A “mill” is a sad law office, or firm that signs up a lot of cases. They barely do any work on the file. Some may use dunning letter mail correspondence. They send mediocre settlement demand packages to the insurance company. They take the first paltry offer they can get. Worse is we hear stories of the lawyers not telling them what is going on with their case. We hear these horror stories all the time.

Clients that had just fired their current lawyers relate these familiar stories. A common complaint by dissatisfied customers is that they never met their attorney. They complain the lawyer didn’t call witnesses. They say the lawyer did not make much effort to maximize the value of their case. Get a good lawyer.

  • Don’t Take Low Ball Offers - Don't Hire a PI Mill

Parents in particular become furious when their attorney tries to browbeat them into taking less money. Often this is the case when it comes to taking a low-ball settlement offer. Insurance companies will skimp out on a PI mill, which means personal injury mill for short.

The big problem is that these mills brand their reputations in a negative manner as shysters. They churn out cheap settlements en mass, rather than build the value of the cases.

Defendant’s insurance adjusters won’t pay once they see that happens often. PI Mills are treated as fools by the adjusters. If they do pay, it won’t be the actual value of the case. An aggressive lawyer battles to get you the full compensation you deserve.

  • Put Some Fear into The Insurance Company By Getting a Legitimate Lawyer

At the end of the day, with PI mills there is no fear factor in the insurer’s eyes. Signing a good case with a bad lawyer means a verdict that will likely not exceed the policy value.

Insurers don’t pay because they know the handling attorney barely even looks at the file. When lawyers treat clients like a file instead of humans, this is the bad result.

"You Are Our Friend Not Just a File"

Small firm service with big firm results is what you want right? At Ehline, you are not just some general file; you are a real person. Our goal is to make you our friend.

Friends communicate, and they go the extra mile for each other. From the time you retain us, you are confident we tell you what is going on. Hiring us means you know we will gather the powerful knowledge necessary to win.

Is Communication the Key in a Dog Bite Case?

In any case, even in personal relationships. communication is key. We know it, you know it. With us on your team, you will understand the implications of your injuries to your future.

We place a value on that. So we lay out your case for you, and keep you up to date from beginning to end. Keeping clients in the loop is a major key to our success.

From the moment we meet, we educate our clients. We often find that they can teach us a thing or two about them and their case that will increase its value. Instead of being aloof and ego-maniacal, we try and help reduce your stressful experience.

We make you part of the discussion, and give you some certainty. We will make you confident in the tactics and strategies we will use to get you a win.

Winning is the End Result!

Carrying this pervasive attitude is everyone within our law firm. What means to clients, is that our staff is personable and friendly. It also means that we are always on the alert for your best interests.

Winning clients truckloads of money isn’t the only thing that makes your case a success. It also means treating clients with dignity. With Ehline, you get all these excellent, winning traits.

Get Help Now:

Getting hurt is not an uncommon event while at the beach. Have suffered a shocking impact as the result of a rabid dog? If so, or if another dangerous animal bit you we can help.

Our law firm helps with attacks by dangerous dogs like pit bull dogs and Rottweilers. We also help with more delicate matters such as when poodles bite a kid in the face.

Let our Los Angeles law firm help you recover for your terrible injuries and property losses. Remember, get help now. Don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation.

We litigate cases everywhere. If you, your children or other family member needs help call now. Our attorney hotline is (213) 596-9642.

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