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Manslaughter by a Dog Attorneys

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So what exactly is “manslaughter” by a dog? Too many, this would be a misnomer. After all, a dog does not even know how to read the Penal Code. And they would be correct. A dog is a chattel property like a gun.

Because of this, the only way a dog, like a gun, could harm a person is due to a person’s bad conduct. Right? Well, hold on. While that may be true for a domesticated dog, a wild dog generally won’t pass on liability to a human. But in cases where a person owns a dog, wild or not, the human may be obliged to pay the victim of the attack. 

In cases where the dog kills someone, the survivors have a claim for “wrongful death” (Defined here, and see also video explanation of negligent death law here).

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During June 2003…

Two-year-old Somer Clugston was killed by a pit bull after a babysitter left her unattended. The babysitter pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. If you or a loved one has been attacked, you need to contact help right away.

Canine mauling can result in death or severe injuries such as cuts, lacerations, broken bones, facial trauma, and severe emotional damage. Many times, the victims need months of treatment. So they may need surgery, plastic surgery, physical therapy, such as, and psychological counseling.

Attorneys can help you get the treatment for your injuries, no matter how severe. Remember, the owner of the domestic animal is usually liable to you regardless of where the attack occurred. Very few exceptions apply here.

Attacks Suffered by Children and Infants.

The mauling of children and infants are especially heinous. Most times, the attacks occur in a home where the child may be a visitor. The owner of the animal is usually liable to you and your baby in cases of attacks, bites, and mauling. Also, liability still may attach when chained or leashed dogs remain in enclosed yards.

The canine owner remains responsible for child injuries. This remains true if your minor was not supposed to be where the dog was kept. Most parents are unaware of their rights in cases like these. That’s why you need to consult with the Orange County Dog Attack Attorneys at once.

Your case could worth thousands of dollars. Recent settlements have been even higher. To get all your child needs, you need an experienced mauling lawyer. After all, you need cash for injuries, treatment, future medical expenses, psychological distress, and emotional problems.

Attorneys with dynamic experience in settling and litigating domestic pet and dog attack cases. The ELFPI LA and Orange County Dog Attack Attorneys do in fact have this experience. Contact them for more information today at (213) 596-9642.

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