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What is a A Specialized Motorcycle Accident “Specialist” Attorney?

A motorcycle accident can lead to life-threatening injuries and trauma. The effects of such an accident can stay with the rider for life, especially if it also caused the injury of a family member or loved one. When trying to pick up the pieces after such a crash, there are many moving parts involved. It is essential to choose the doctor and attorney that can best help you put these together again.

A “Motorcycle Accident Specialist” – What is That?

When a patient has a broken bone or head trauma, they often go to the specialist, and with good reason. Going to a physician out of their training and experience can lead to very negative results. This concept is especially true when dealing with a particular trauma.

The idea above is very similar when dealing with motorcycle accidents. Making sure that the attorney that you hire is one specialized in motorcycle crashes can be as important as your choice in doctor.

Not All Motorcycle Lawyers are the Same

Not all attorneys are the same. Choosing an attorney with no experience with cycle claims can make a very negative difference. An attorney better suited for real estate or divorce law should not be handling your case. The attorney that closed your mortgage should not be representing such a case in court on your behalf.

Instead, lawyers that have successfully handled such cases before, armed with the right knowledge of case precedent and recent statistics can be your best bet.

Below you can find some reasons why specialization is so important.

  • Remembering the Anti-Motorcyclist Bias: While this is not the case in every courtroom across the state of California, many times there is an unconscious or unspoken bias against motorcycle riders. An attorney used to such a stereotype can work efficiently to counteract it (Learn more about biased police here.)
  • Specialization with Motorcycle Injuries: Such an attorney is also well apprised of dealing with many common motorcycle crash injuries. These can include road rash, broken and fractured bones, paralysis and lacerations. They can help refer you to the right doctors and in some cases, front the money need for treatment.

There are many factors to consider when hiring an attorney after a chopper crash. A firm like Ehline Law’s experience can be invaluable in getting your life back together, you back on your feet, and the open road once again.

Michael Ehline, Motorcycle Lawyer

Michael P. Ehline has an honorable discharge from the United States Marines. He founded Ehline Law Firm after leaving the Marines and owning several small businesses. At any rate, Ehline remains an all-American.

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