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Handling Ice Dispenser Machine Slip & Fall Injuries

Ice machines in front of a store covered in snow during a storm.
Ice machines in front of a store covered in snow during a storm.

Sadly, slip and trip injuries are some of the most common in the country today. Such accidents affect thousands every year. And they can lead to severe medical issues. Many types of these incidents happen due to liquid leaking on the ground. They are not uncommon in places such as supermarkets and apartment complexes.

Ice Machines and Slips and Falls – The Catastrophe You Never Expected

There are times when the injuries can be more severe. Especially when the person is not expecting such a hazard. This fact rings truer when the property owner or manager of the wet area did not correctly warn guests and visitors about such a possibility. Such can be the case when dealing with water coming out of ice machines at hotels or motels, for example.

These machines are common in many places, especially in areas where slip hazards would not become publicized.

Such machines often found in:

  • Hotel lobbies
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Liquor Stores like 7-11™

Altogether, the amount of ice that any one machine can produce in a day is staggering.

Slippery Surfaces and Ice Machines Don’t Mix

Unfortunately, some of that ice will likely fall or drop onto the floor. Quickly melting and partially evaporating ice means slippery water on the ground. Constant ice and water issues in a common area may lead to establishments not having carpeting down pat anymore.

This creates a clumped area of carpet that catches on toes and shoes, grabbing one’s appendages, causing a loss of balance. Or there may be no carpet at all. Liquid on slick tile or vinyl flooring with a very low coefficient of friction can result in a significant trip hazard.

Malfunctioning Ice Machines Also Present Risks of Slipping and Falling

Slip and fall hazards due to ice machines can also be due to malfunctions. A restaurant could have proper signage to warn customers about the possibility of falling due to ice on the floor. But for example, the machine can break down.

Such a broken machine could cause a large amount of ice to fall onto the floor. Or ice may fly out of the bottom directly into a walking area. Or melted ice could spill everywhere. If this is the case, the company that made the ice machine and/or those that were responsible for maintaining it could be held accountable.

Retain a Legal Whiz To Win Your Ice Machine Slip and Fall Case

If you or a loved one’s involved in an ice machine slip and trip accident, you may have legal options. An attorney specialized in such injuries can assist you in paying for your medical bills and pain and suffering. Ehline Law’s experienced legal whizzes have won many similar cases in the past. Allowing the accident victim to rebuild their lives is what we do best.

Call or email our office today for more information or to set up a free consultation. We will travel anywhere in the state to help you weigh your options, and we work on contingency– we don’t ask for any money unless we win for you. We answer the phone and email 24/7 at 888-400-9721. Contact us today!

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Slip Trip and Fall Prevention CDC –

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