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Rising Gas Prices Means More Motorcycle Accidents

Is There an Unfortunate Reality at the Gas Pump?

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It might not seem like a direct correlation or an immediate reaction. Gas prices and the number of deaths on the road are directly tied together. This adverse reaction is a result of many factors. But gasoline prices are the first and foremost.

It can be depressing that a person’s life is so directly tied to the price at the pump, but there are several reasons why.

Easily the largest is mileage. Motorcycles and dirt bikes get excellent mileage, on average, which means they are often taken out of the garage in times of high prices. These are inexpensive ways to head to work that people already have. Often garages have a side project that the husband in the family is working on or a recreational bike.

A Direct Line of Motorcycle Injuries From Gas Increases?

When gas prices spiked around 2008 and 2012, the results were stark. In California, the number of fatalities increased substantially. Also, between 2002 and 2011, the number of prices shot up as the price of gas did. This spike resulted indirectly in 800 additional deaths due to motorcycle accidents compared to a similar period prior.

It also caused 10,290 injuries, just in the state of California. 93% of such fatalities involved men. The largest age cohort of fault in these types of accidents was between 16 and 24. Also, when gas prices decline, the number of motorcyclists on the road drop as well. And this results in a fall in related fatalities.

So this is our opportunity to stop this blight. Through driver’s safety and better public education, we can drive down the number of deaths on the road. Motorcyclists have a valuable place on the road and the same rights and privileges as any other driver.

Thus, there is an extraordinary opportunity as long as gas prices are low to prevent future heartache and fatal accidents. We hope to see such an improvement.

Michael Ehline, Motorcycle Lawyer

Michael P. Ehline has an honorable discharge from the United States Marines. He founded Ehline Law Firm after leaving the Marines and owning several small businesses. At any rate, Ehline remains an all-American.

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