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The Dangerous Dog Sterilization Ordinances Discussed

Pit Bull on a LeashMore and more, we see local municipalities ignoring the Constitution and passing laws to restrict others of their life, liberty, and property. The new generation seems to believe that the government knows best, and they are ceding many rights our founders fought and died for, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment.

The new mentality that it’s the other guy’s rights, not mine, seems to be the pervasive mindset. In fact, more and more, society is voting itself into an Orwellian, statist inferno.  Most individuals are happily doing it just like the concentration camp victims of the ’30s, and 40’s flocking to the cattle carts.

What is this new extinguishment of freedom that many are happily giving up? It has to do with a particular breed of dogs that people are afraid of, Pitbulls. Municipalities often see pit bulls as a major risk of attack and injury.

There Is Now a Severe Reduction in Impounded Pitbulls.

Across the country and often led by California cities, this breed is often singled out. Many of these actions started with San Francisco, which passed a pit bull ban in 2006.

This led to a severe reduction of pit bulls in local pounds, as well as the euthanasia rate. ABC News reported that Riverside County had enacted tough new actions, including ordering all pit bulls over four months old spayed or neutered. This occurred after the county said impounding 3,500-4,000 pit bulls annually.

These actions happened after a wave of reported pit bull injuries.

  • This breed, in particular, has been blamed for hundreds of injuries annually in California.

The occurred especially after the breed became popular with new residents in the 909 and 951 area codes. The chance of further laws and ordinances intended to curb the spread of the breed is high. This remains particularly true since precedent is being built across the country.

Not mentioned as a reason for, or in the ordinance itself, is why there are so many Pit Bull attacks all of a sudden in the Inland Empire. Could it be all the gang types, thugs, and welfare cases that have been flocking to Riverside and San Bernardino for the last six years? Are they moving due to the high cost of living in LA, their old hoods?

Gang Bangers Love Them?

This particular breed of dog is popular with gang bangers and hoodlums since these dogs make them look “tough.” So naturally, the owners train these dogs to be vicious. And of course, it is the responsible Pit Bull owner who is hurt by these laws, since like gun laws, criminals do not abide by these bad laws.

  • There are already negligence laws on the books to deal with dog attacks
  • Municipal laws are obviously an emotion-based, knee-jerk response to news spikes

Keeping that in mind, if you or a loved one was involved in a pit bull attack, immediate medical attention is needed. How the event happened, and an exact record of the injury should be kept. Especially this remains true considering there could be many long-term recovery issues involved with such an attack.

Children are statistically more likely to get bit and could face years of scarring and humiliation as a result. Owners of these animals are usually legally responsible for such attacks. This is true especially if they are in violation of local law regarding these dogs. But liability attaches irrespective as to whether there is a statute that requires dogs to be sterilized, etc.

In addition to medical coverage, legal representation is also necessary. Having an advocate that can fight for the costs of your recovery and understands the pain that you are suffering can make all the difference. The bottom line, whether you think all is good and well that Orwell is now normal and acceptable, you still will need legal help.

This remains true even if it was a puppy that bit you. Get it? No matter what type of breed bites you, it can still mess you up. So these laws that make law-abiding citizens into criminals will not change the fact that you will need compensation for your injuries.

After all, the only one that gets paid from an ordinance is the municipality, in the form of tickets and fines. In other words, money that should be going to the victims is now being earmarked for government employees, bloated pensions, and more big government.

It hurts victims in the end. In any event, Ehline Law is willing to work in this oppressive plutocracy on behalf of the little guy being hurt by both parties, the dog owner, and the government. We are willing to go into criminal court and administrative hearings to get restitution. And we do this work on top of any civil amounts we can recover from insurance. Call the Ehline Law Firm here for more information about dog bite law today.

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