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San Bernardino Bus Accident

The outstanding legal team at Ehline Law Firm San Bernardino have won millions of dollars for happy clients just like you. Many of these satisfied people were bus injury victims.

How Do You Get Help From Motivated Bus Accident Lawyers in San Bernardino?

San Bernardino CA
The Heart of So Cal

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ELFPI has represented people to happy conclusions in a broad range of personal injury law claims. So injured bus passengers and people run over by buses, for example, are the types of hurt folks we help.

  • When someone is reckless or disregards your rights and people get hurt, the victims become "plaintiffs."

Bus accident claims often involve multiple parties. There can be more than one plaintiff and many defendants too. Sometimes the defendants we sue are the government, other times they are private party charter buses or shuttles.

Ehline Law Firm has an outstanding reputation for excellence for taking on all defendants. ELFPI is excellent at holding liable parties accountable in this vast geographic area of San Bernardino. Sometimes bus companies like Southern California Rapid Transit District won’t believe your claim is real.

When you don't have a lawyer they sometimes ignore you altogether. In fact, they could even treat it as a fraud. This is because thousands of dollars have been paid out on phony injury claims.

Don't make the mistake of being treated like a criminal when you are in fact, a victim. The moral of the story, you need a lawyer anytime claims are filed in connection with a bus accident.

What are Some Challenges of Mass Transportation in San Bernardino?

Speed Bus Abstract
Speeding passenger bus. Speed abstract of a bus on the street oncoming.


Commuters want to get around town quickly and cheaply. In fact, San Bernardino is a vast area with many low-income people living here. Often, these people do not use or own a car due to the costs attendant.

Nor can they afford a taxi, Uber or Lyft. In any event, it is not uncommon to see the city and other local charter services merge onto the freeways to cover the space quicker.

In fact, these buses can quickly cover vast spaces going from point A to point B. As a point of interest, Interstate 15 and the I-215 are known for bad bus wrecks.

How Do The Strong Winds and Weather Effect San Bernardino Buses?

Tornado-like wind bursts have thrown buses over on their sides on the 15 freeway. Imagine how heavy rains and wet roads could combine to make your injuries even worse.

But Santa Ana winds are just some of what can be responsible for triggering a collision.

What are Some Man Made Problems that Make Bus Accidents Worse?

Drivers face other non weather related problems in San Bernardino too. A child darting out in traffic means the driver will brake hard and swerve. The hazards of poor or no guardrails coupled with steep drainage ditches on the road shoulder are dangerous.

This potential danger can be clearly seen by passersby on the I-10 near Cherry. The higher speeds on the expressways, the greater chances of being injured for the passengers. And it goes without saying that drivers can be hurt or killed too if there is an impact.

And image having a steering wheel or instrument panel being driven into your body during a crash as a bus driver. Drivers really do face unique sternum and facial injuries and ejection.

Of special interest, the driver of the bus itself is not always at fault. In fact, he or she could be one of our plaintiff clients as well.

For example:

  • Sometimes some defect or negligence of the employer caused the wreck.
  • There are many potentially liable parties when these wrecks claim lives and happiness.

What are Some Other Factors Making a San Bernardino Bus Wreck More Risky to You? 

Getting emergency help after a bus crash may take time. Knowing what to expect before getting on that bus is food for thought. San Bernardino is basically a vast desert area. So it’s harder for first responders to get to the accident scene quickly in many cases.  

Speeds are usually much higher than in heavy LA traffic.  There are fewer hospitals and emergency rooms to deal with mass casualties than in LA, for example, etc. There are less personal injury lawyers to help you with your case. These are just a few risk factors.

What Makes Bus Accident Lawyer Michael Ehline Better? 

Michael Ehline at the court
Michael Ehline, Esq.

United States Supreme Court

Michael Ehline loves helping the victims of terrible motoring accidents like this. He has assisted children orphaned by car accidents. After all, not every child has a swelling trust fund. Often, Ehline is their last chance to get financial support. As a loving father of two small kids, Michael takes this job very seriously. So this is truly his passion ignited. Michael also works as a mediator in his spare time to help others, and improve his civility as well as his public image.

He enjoys using the skills he has learned to communicate in a more caring way with clients. He is sensitive to the fact this is all new to most injury victims. In fact, this gentleman goes out of his way to comfort injured bus passengers.

Do We Have Vast Experience in Bus Crash Cases?

Yes we do! Michael and company have experience helping people injured in bus accidents for years now. He has argued one of the most significant Casino Tour Bus cases in history, before Judge Warner at the San Bernardino Courthouse. As a lawyer, he regularly contributes to Palo Verde Valley Bus.

Michael has been a featured guest on:

  • CNN.
  • LA Daily Journal.
  • The LA Times.
  • Newsweek.

Also, Ehline has won numerous injury awards from both peers and consumers for his excellence and leadership. He has even received the vaunted:

  • Litigator of the Year Award.
  • Super Lawyers Rising Star Award.

Attorney Ehline also has membership in the organizations: 

  • Circle of Legal Trust.
  • Personal Injury Warriors International.

Plus, he’s an inactive U.S. Marine and a straight shooter. His ethos is “do or die.” Let him help you win money for your bad injuries in San Bernardino. Next, Michael has successfully resolved many freeway pileup cases involving commuter buses.

One noteworthy case was a casino bus en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada. That case resulted in huge payouts to the injured occupants. Michael can be reached 24-7 at (888) 400-9721.

Who are Some of the People We Help? What Injuries Do They Sustain?

ELFPI helps the regular guy, the poor guy and the rich guy alike. Regardless of your wealth or social status, you are now an accident victim. In fact, we are approached by people from all walks of life who were run over by buses.

Some were thrown out of their seats, for example.  Because of this and other risks like this, we help people hurt in and out of these heavy vehicles called buses.

Basically, the bus passengers we help could be:

The mechanism of injury is usually similar in bus wrecks. Passengers being tossed or thrown about or out of the cab is a common thing. Incidents such as this could be due to sudden stopping. 

Examples of negligent bus operators slamming on the brakes are all over the local San Bernardino news stories. Also, another vehicle can push your vehicle off the road. Or the driver could misjudge the buses' roof height and slam into a concrete archway.

These are things many of us have seen on Youtube. It really happens. Other examples include a FedEx Truck crashing into a bus and setting it aflame, burning everyone alive. This is an extreme case, however. But there are many causes and effects of collisions impacting these heavy vehicle cases.

Bus Accidents Are Often Mass Casualty Events?

Injuries due to buses are usually more severe and massive in freeway speed type cases. Because of this factor among many others, bus collisions in San Bernardino see many injured inside and outside these vehicles.

People being ejected and thrown from the bus at high speed as it crashes into a center divider is an example. Imagine a bus losing control at freeway speeds of 70 miles per hour or more?

Imagine how easily you could be ejected. After all, the passenger’s windows are designed to break away during a collision. There are usually no seatbelts to hold people inside the vehicle as it twists and tumbles.

So naturally, most riders who actually lived, suffered injuries like:

These cases come in all shapes and sizes. Drivers are often found liable for swerving around corners at speeds too great for the vehicle's design and bus route. 

Other times, a suspected drunk driver is the cause of the wreck. But the facts are usually unique based on your given situation. Ehline has an established, proven reputation as an ace in these matters. We have represented people hurt on casino tours, as well as school kids as part of our resume.

How Much Can You Trust a San Bernardino Bus Driver?

San Bernardino is a economically poorer area, which relies heavily upon public buses and local bus drivers.

But it also has a lot of private buses driving in and out to Casinos and Vegas on a regular basis. The passenger or family member putting someone on board a bus is placing an extreme amount of trust in the bus driver.

It is your right to expect the bus driver to be professional and responsible to bus passengers, and others. They should take their responsibilities seriously and do everything possible to avoid an accident.

  • Statistical evidence shows that bus drivers are at fault in the majority bus accidents. 

As noted, bus accidents, whether public transportation or a charter bus, can often result in serious injuries or death. Whether your local licensing agency did their job training them is one thing.

But sometimes bad drivers who are not even licensed work on limo buses. Some may even have suspended or revoked drover's licenses, and still be driving public school buses.

What Are the Main Causes of Bus Crashes?

  • Driver negligence
  • Dangerous roadways
  • Defective products
  • Negligence
  • Improperly trained drivers

If you were a pedestrian or passenger on a bus that was in an accident or collision you have legal rights too. This is true, whether it was a private charter or public transportation bus.

"Utmost Duty of Care" Discussed

Common carriers such as transportation companies using buses to shuttle passengers and luggage, have the legal responsibility to provide the “utmost duty of care.” This is a special duty that exceeds that owed by a regular car driver who is not for hire.

So your friend driving you to eat is not a common carrier in most cases. But a bus driver for hire is a common carrier with a special duty to keep you safe. Get it?

The COMPLAINT - When the bus company acts negligently, the injured victim has the legal right to:

  • File a claim (complaint) for negligence per se, or per quod, thus holding them statutorily responsible for their lack of care. The complaint will allege that the bus driver crashed due to negligent training, behavior or avoidable errors. Under tort law, this is known as the “cause” of the accident. Passengers who sustained injuries, or those lost a family of a member from bus driver negligence or error will face devastating consequences in the aftermath.

Do We Fight Hard for Bus Accident Victims in San Bernardino County? 

Much to the chagrin of many insurance and public agency claims adjusters, ELFPI attorneys are remarkably dedicated to assisting our clients. The proof is in the pudding. We have successfully obtained multi-million dollars in judgments and settlements.

Past clients love us for getting them the maximum amount of compensation possible under the law. Our representatives use all the legal resources available to win your case. No stone goes unturned that will be useful for clients like you in litigation. All the while we stand guard to protecting your rights.

We can help you with recovery of money for things like central nervous system damage. After all, G-force impact from rear-end accidents can destroy your neck and spine. Because of this, you will need money for surgery, physical therapy, etc.

Leaving No Stone Unturned Means Finding You Money Too Right?

Indeed, money for your injuries and suffering is the endgame here. Hence, we also help deal with uninsured motorist (UM), and under-insured motorist (UIM) claim(s). We will also seek out excess and umbrella liability coverage to get you paid the most!

What is the Bus Driver's Liability?

Annually there are many bus accidents in which the bus driver did not take their duty to the passengers as seriously as they should. Once liable, the driver is on the hook, not just the bus company. And this neglect could be because of many factors.

Do The Majority of Bus Drivers Wreck Due to Poor Judgment and Distractions?

It appears that negligent, poor judgment by drivers leads to most bus wrecks. So yes these are what commonly give rise to liability!

A report by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration showed that the majority of devastation occurred due to poor judgment.

The negligent driver's bad behavior includes:

  • Speeding.
  • Driving at too high of a speed for safe weather conditions. (Examples of cases like this could include a pickup truck that had parked along a rural highway. A bus driver could come around a bend too fast, and whammy, a high-speed collision destroys the pickup and its occupants.)
  • Inattention. (Failure to pay attention to the road can lead to a collision with another vehicle, an object or pedestrian. It can also cause the need for the bus to swerve or another vehicle. It could even be an abrupt lane change.)
  • Driver distraction.

As a result of this behavior causing accidents, at the National Distracted Driving Summit, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration introduced new rules for drivers. These rules prohibit bus drivers and truck drivers from texting on the job.

Their evidence, in sum, shows a probability of increased bus crashes due to cell phone use and other distractions. So this means occupants have legal recourse when the operators fail to abide by the standard of care as a matter of statute. In other words, these are not just cases handled under the rules of ordinary negligence.

Do You Want San Bernardino Bus Accident Victim Legal Protection?

The bus accident attorneys at Ehline Law specialize in protecting the rights of others. We specialize in helping bus crash injury victims like you. Plus, we can help the family of a member who died. Our attorneys are leaders in bus accident civil cases.  
ELFPI can handle an injury or wrongful death litigation. We have the skill and necessary resources to hold liable parties responsible. To speak with our experienced San Bernardino bus accident attorneys call (888) 400-9721.
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