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San Bernardino Swimming Pool Accident

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The personal injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm help plaintiffs injured by and near pools in San Bernardino.

About Our San Bernardino Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

Please take some time to learn about this specialty area of law by scrolling below. This field of tort law deals with residential and commercial swimming pools and facilities. Our swimming pool accident law firm has recovered over $30,000,000 for suffering victims in less than a 10-year time span. Hence, many past clients are happy they had our passionate and dedicated representation. Our tireless efforts have paid off for many families.

Our knowledgeable staff helped parents in many tragic cases involving kids.

  • Children are at particular risk of being injured at pools.
  • Every year over one thousand children pass away in water-related accidents. These statistics include swimming pool accidents.

How Do We Make Liable Parties Pay for Causing or Creating a Dangerous Situation?

First off, what or who is a liable party? Liable parties are persons responsible in some way for the events that led to an injury or death. Individuals who own or maintain swimming pools for the use of others are under a duty to those recreating.

So they are tasked with the duties one of acting reasonably towards those using the pool and hot tub areas of their premises. Hence, a reasonable pool manager may use a lifeguard, or have posted rules on age groups using the pool.

  • For example, a rule may be in place prohibiting a child from using a hot-tub.

But even with rules, with no security or guard to enforce them, kids will not know what to do or not do. So even if a faulty diving board is roped off, with no lifeguard there, it really must be rendered useless. After all, it is reasonable to assume people, especially kids, would still use it even if it remains marked as a danger.

So What Does it Mean to Act Reasonably?

Being reasonable is something most of us understand.

But under tort law, it goes into duties you must take to avoid injuries to others. So if reasonable methods are not in place at a pool for example, and people die, there is a breach of the duty. Is this making sense?

Negligence and Pool Accidents

Noteworthy here, negligence is the leading cause of pool incidents. People don’t just drown by the poolside. Slick and slippery surfaces cause bad slips and fall. When landlords breach their duties, and you are foreseeably injured, the landlord is said to be negligent.

What are some other ways you can be injured at a pool besides drowning?

  • Head injuries and broken wrists are a common outcome when people fall on concrete. It could be that the architect designed a poor grade or added steps and ridges near walkways. It could be the design lends itself to falling. Some accidents in and out of water occur from poorly designed or constructed pools. It could also be that the architect or designed a poor grade that lends itself to falling. Thus, some accidents occur due to poorly designed or constructed pools.

What is Your "Special Duty" Under Negligence?

Incidents by negligent pool owners happen all the time. This makes the pool owner liable to those harmed.

But some people owe more than just an ordinary duty. Some people have special knowledge, skill or training that places them in a superior position over you.

For Example:

  • Swimming schools are also under a special duty of care. Parents are delivering their children to instructors who will teach their kids how to become swimmers. Consequently, swim instructors must make sure swimming student remains unharmed.

Unless you know all these rules, retaining a great law firm like Ehline is of particular importance for parents.

What are Some Swimming Pool Accident Statistics and Safety Rules?

Every year over one thousand children die in water-related accidents. These include swimming pool cases.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has provided a comprehensive list of guidelines for the safety of children including the following:

  • Watch children closely when they are in a pool.
  • Never leave a young child unattended in a pool.
    Swimming Pool Drowning Victims
    Pool of water
  • Learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  • Keep rescue equipment near the pool.
  • Keep a telephone and emergency numbers in the pool area.
  • Pool toys should be removed when the pool is not in use.
  • Any barriers, fences, or other enclosures should be kept locked when not in use.
  • Always practice constant supervision.

If Injured In a San Bernardino Swimming Pool What Do I Do?

Seeking money damages is what you must do. But to do this, you must know the laws. Have you or a loved one suffered from a swimming pool accident? We can probably help you. In fact, these law offices have helped many folks in the Inland Empire due to negligent injuries.

Hence, we may be able to file a claim for damages against a careless party or parties. We will try and go through homeowner’s insurance, or commercial insurance first. If that fails, we can sue in a local court.

  • What are the Types of Damages Claims You May Seek?

Two types of damages claims are possible, “premises liability” or “product liability.”  Claims of premises liability are filed against a negligent pool owner. Equally important, a product liability is available against a negligent designer or manufacturer.

Thus, if hurt due to the inferiority of parts, for example, people can file products liability claims. ELFPI helps individuals bring legal cases in San Bernardino County, California.

  • Do Potential Defendants Include Manufacturers?

Yes, absolutely? You may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer or designer. Hence, anyone involved in the chain of commerce of the swimming pool or hot tub are potential game.

Therefore, it may be possible to file a premises liability claim. So in that case, lawyers make written claims against a negligent pool owner. Hence, lawyers sue those responsible for not acting following state or local regulations.

Swimming pool litigation can quickly become complicated without having someone’s help. But don’t just hire anyone. You need to hire the best personal injury law firm out there. The legal assistance required to bring your case is at Ehline Law Firm.

We think a positive result can be had by calling Michael Ehline; (888) 400-9721 today. Schedule an appointment and speak to a lawyer who helps people injured in poolside accidents.

We can help give you a more accurate evaluation. Tell us more about your case and learn your rights.

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