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Making Riding the Bus Easier for You Child

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Yes, the “I don’t want to get on” excuse. It’s as old as school buses themselves. Your young student just started their time in school, and now it’s time to see them off on the old yellow bus. Sometimes it’s not that easy, depending on their personality. These are all factors to remember as you’re convincing your little one to get on the bus and be safe.

Consider all of these as they get used to the idea of taking the school bus to learn every day. You and they will each be happy that you did. With this and more info is the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC out of Southern California. They’re nationally recognized fighters for safer roads and crash liability. Their lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a lobbyist for safer travel. Read this column for more info and safety ideas.

How to Make that First Month Easier

Sometimes the first month on a school bus can be a dream or a nightmare. Sometimes the student’s reaction to the bus is different than their personality. Ever see the most outgoing kid hide behind their parents rather than head on the bus? It happens. To minimize the chances of any issues, there are several things you can do ahead of time.

Make sure that your child is well informed about the coming bus. Sometimes it’s a last minute thought, with all of the other routines in life. Make sure they know how to board, who will be aboard, and where they are going. Each one will answer a question in their mind.

Have a plan in case they don’t want to board. The program can be different for each child but might include a way to have them talk to the bus driver before the first day of school.

Keep a routine. Make sure that you are consistent. It will make the process smoother and be a way for your child to truly appreciate the experience of being on the bus and heading to school.

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