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Talcum Powder Lawsuits Increase Across U.S.

Talcum Powder Injury and doctors
Doctors in hospitals may be your next stop?

Do Talc Additives Cause Cancer?

Yes talc and its powder additives can cause various types of cancer. In fact, talcum powder is incredibly common, and often very dangerous.

  • Numerous studies and lawsuits show that the powder has direct links to cancer.
    • This includes ovarian cancer.

Some major cases demonstrate the risk of its use and the future for users.


Is the Talc Industry Fighting Hard to Escape Responsibility for Your Cancer?

Of course, major talcum powder makers fight back with their corporate attorneys. They have billions of dollars at stake.

What's All the News About Johnson and Johnson Lately?

DrugWatch covered an important CA case about Johnson and Johnson. In fact, this corporation is top in the cross-hairs for cancer cases.

  • Some women challenged the corporation in court. These ladies alleged that talcum powder caused them ovarian cancer.

One woman filed a case in Los Angeles County Superior Court linking the powder and her cancer. Johnson and Johnson fought back hard. The company had an up and down history in the courtroom.

  • So far Johnson and Johnson has won several major court cases, including one in New Jersey.

However, on the other hand, the company was on the hook for over $200 million in payouts in cases perhaps like yours. In addition to the company, its talc supplier Imerys Talc America is also a part of the suits brought against this huge corporation.

Is There Really Asbestos in Talc?

Yes! Can you believe it? Recently, local media reported on asbestos in teen makeup at stores nationwide. This led to more investigations, which concluded that asbestos is in talcum powder that has been distributed for many decades. There are over 2,400 lawsuits nationwide about the powder at the time of the writing of this article.

Is the Talc Industry Using Junk Science to Pretend Talc is Safe?

Well, they sure have funded a lot of studies haven't they? The big talcum powder companies have their thumbs on the scales with favorable journals and studies funded by them.

  • At least one of the major studies stating talc is safe was paid for by reps from the major talcum corporations.

Why are So Many Ladies Getting Cancer?

The cases grow each month. More and more women develop ovarian cancer, sometimes due to their use of talcum powder. Something as simple as Gold Bond or baby powder represents an unacceptable risk for users. Furthermore, these defects are known by the manufacturers. This cannot go on.

Ehline Law is among the top legal firms repping talcum powder victims. Read our site for updates on the situation. Keep it dialed here for more information. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact us. In conclusion, our team is here for you.

How Do You Start a California Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

Talcum powder is a staple in many homes.

  • Johnson and Johnson baby powder or Gold Bond is probably in your bathroom right now.

Unfortunately, the powder’s risk is rapidly becoming known.

Talcum powder remains directly linked to cancer risk, especially ovarian cancer.

  • Over 2,000 lawsuits currently challenge talcum powder manufacturers nationwide.
  • Many women see a direct relationship between daily use of talcum powder and their current types of cancer.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

If you or a loved one advanced unexplained cancer, talc might be to blame. After all, the powder is ubiquitous in American life.

  • Parents use it for children
  • Adults use it for many purposes

Each one carries its risks. Also, many don’t realize its risks.

What are the Risks to Talcum Use?

Ovarian cancer is the most well known disease to come out of talcum powder usage. Some other cancers also come from talcum powder use.

And as discussed, the powder is often created with asbestos.

  • Other additives also present significant dangers to human activity.

This might ring a bell. Many American families found out far too late the inherent risks to the body.

  • Many class action and individual lawsuits rose against the big companies.
  • The talc corporations fought back hard.

They don’t accept their role in the rise of such illnesses.

Contact the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC for more information about how to fight back. Our firm has decades of experience fighting against the talcum powder industry.

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