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Dangerous Driving & Truck Driver Fatigue

Sleepy and drowsy vehicle operators make up a large statistic. A statistic that is, in the number of fatal crashes on California highways. Also, on freeways and roads annually, we see a lot of big rigs causing major drama to commuters. Unfortunately, differing factors, from work to other responsibilities and appointments cause trouble. Bosses may compel drivers to drive after long work or not enough sleep. But this is also the case with on the road truckers. These truck drivers historically have a relatively low rate of accidents and fatalities. But the sheer size, speed, and weight of their rigs may cause catastrophic injuries.

Often these drivers are often under pressure to travel a certain number of miles per day. More often than not, they need to get products to the market by deadlines. Also, these effects get compounded by illness on the road. But when faced with severe sickness, often these drivers still attempt to carry out their job. Although they made money, it leads to complications that include crashes. Ehline Law Firm details are below. We also cover what the rights are of those suffering from a tragedy involving a tired trucker.

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Be Careful.

This document discusses driver fatigue. we also cover its association with large trucks and shocking roadway incidents. There were 450,000 vehicle accidents in 2003. These involved commercial trucks. Also, a partial share of these fatal events involved driver fatigue.

Furthermore, thousands of people are fatally injured in semi accidents every year. The average figure is one out of nine traffic deaths involve a big rig. Also, there have been multiple high-profile cases of truck crashes. These events have taken place on the road across the country. Hence, with the growth of more material to get transported, accidents may increase. Furthermore, a larger population means more potential victims.

With accidents and resulting injuries, it’s important to remember you are not alone. If you or a family member has gotten injured due to a truck driver or their employer, you may seek damages.

Having a negligence attorney helps a lot. But he must have experience in both personal injury and semi truck accidents. This expert assists in piecing your life back together. Your lawyer will also challenge the responsible parties.

The FMCSA has Regulations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (learn more) (FMCSA), has enacted laws to regulate the hours of rest operators must have. They are required to take sleep breaks to avoid tiredness. Also, these rules are regulated in a way to ensure people got the proper time to relax.

The operator is required to keep logs of their rest time and within a 24 hour period. After that, they become permitted to drive for 11 consecutive hours. The FMCSA regulations state the individual must rest for a 10 hour period.

So the most that employees are legally permitted to operate a motor in one day according to the regulations is 14 hours.  But they may have no more than 11 consecutive hours at one time.

The hours the operator relaxed must get kept by him or her in a log. Also, it gets reviewed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration legal examiners. Their job is to make sure the employees follow the regulations, and they are not getting ignored.

Also, they make sure drivers are not told to drive by several factors over the legal limit allowed by the FMCSA. Many of them get paid by the hour. So rather than being on salary, they need more hours. After all, the more they commute, the more money they make.

They are also under pressure from the company to deliver loads to destinations in a tight time frame. This pressure to get the load delivered on time and their wages per mile affects their judgment. So the daily traveler may ignore the regulations and safety rules.

Truckers Sleeping is Important.

Sleep deprivation is one of the factors in a large number of undesirable events. There also might be short and long term health effects for the individual. Sleep deprivation affects alertness, impairs cognitive abilities, and impairs memory.

And if drivers aren’t relaxed to avoid exhaustion, they have difficulty concentrating. So with the size and weight of the truck, potentially dangers arise. People always get killed or hurt on the roadway.

We Know How to Handle Cases Like These.

The human being that suffers from a lack of proper downtime may have lapses in memory. Also, they lose the capability of problem-solving. With fatigue, this degrades. Furthermore, truckers could be less tolerant of stress and moody. These may be dangerous combinations in stressful situations while driving.

These are reasons why automobilist should avoid driving when fatigued. Also, when the regulations get ignored, there are legal implications. If you got injured or suffered the loss of a loved one, it is important to consult an experienced attorney. So this expert protects your rights.

Also, the attorney will fight to recover the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers investigate the truck collision. We look at driver’s logs too. So that will show resting habits and ensure they did not ignore the regulations for hours of service. Please call us (213) 596-9642 and visit our webpage for more information.

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