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What are the Tort Rights of the Vegas Shooting Victims?

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Sunday’s horrific shooting in Las Vegas taught us many things about our common humanity. The over 500 victims of the massacre saw their rights infringed by a madman bent on destruction. We may never know the true causes, but we will certainly know the effects for years to come.

As families are coming to grips with the gravity of the situation, ultimately they must find answers. Furthermore, there are many legal questions at this point.

One of the most immediate questions is whether or not anyone other than the shooter is responsible. It appears that the music festival operators took security seriously, but did Mandalay Bay? The casino and hotel missed several red flags that cost dozens of people their lives. The hotel missed Paddock bringing an entire arsenal to his room and smashing out two windows with hammers.

What Can I Sue and For What?

While an open ended question, there are many things that the families of victims can seek compensation for. Among them is for the bodily injury or even death caused by Stephen Paddock and the carelessness of the hotel. There is a certain expected level of safety not met by the company which caused wholesale destruction. Furthermore, there are many unanswered questions about security and the implications of the shooting itself.

What did the hotel know and when did they know it? Did officials at the casino wait to call police? Was there a reasonable emergency plan in place? Was there a proper procedure in dealing with such disasters? There families of the victims deserve answers– and have mounting medical bills and funeral costs. They simply deserve better.

For more information about your family’s legal rights, contact Ehline Law today. The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is ready to fight for you and your family, especially in this trying time. We understand the effects of such violence and will give you every tool to heal emotionally and physically. That’s our promise.

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